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Charles Manier - Bang Bang Lover

Charles Manier

Bang Bang Lover

Dark and fast pumping wave tracks for all you punks who like Adult., GD Luxxe and Kitbuilders.. Good release!!

12inch Ghostly International: Ghostly International 09 remind

Charles Manier - Charles Manier

Charles Manier

Charles Manier

Ill new Charles Manier (double vinyl only) album on Chicago's Nation. We've not heard of this guy since his impressive Ghostly International 12'' some... more...

2x12inch Nation: Nat013 remind

Charles Manier - Electrocution

Charles Manier


Preceding the impending release of Charles Manier’s full length double LP Nation have put together this killer 3 track 12” of exclusive tracks to wet... more...

12inch Nation: KODE01 remind

Charles Manier - American Manier

Charles Manier

American Manier

Tadd Mullinix returns to the lesser spotted Charles Manier avatar for the second album release on his Bopside label, and the first under this guise fo... more...

2LP Bopside: BOP004 € 14,99