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Traxx, James T. Cotton & D'Marc Cantu - Photon / Solara (epic version)

Traxx, James T. Cotton & D'Marc Cantu

Photon / Solara (epic version)

M>O>S recordings is back with two raw and energetic dancefloorcuts, brought to you and selected by Traxx, known for his “Nation” label and many other... more...

12inch M>O>S: MOS007 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Another Number

D'Marc Cantu

Another Number

Limited repress. It came to our attention that this record was starting to fetch stupid money on discogs. So after numerous requests we decided to rep... more...

EP Creme: CrjakX01 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Black Tears

D'Marc Cantu

Black Tears

When it hits there is no escaping this deeeeeep creepy crawly Mind Meld. It engulfs you, then sucks you into a womblike state, only to spit you back o... more...

One sided 12 Creme: Crjak012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

D'marc Cantu & The Maniacs - Future Electronix Ep
12inch Nation: Nat008 remind

d'Marc Cantu - Set Free

d'Marc Cantu

Set Free

After the 2AM/FM release, next up in the 10'' series on MOS_deep is a solo-project of D'Marc Cantu. D' Marc delivers two surprisingly melodic, sexy an... more...

10inch M>O>S: MOSdeep05 remind

D'Marc Cantu - How are we doing ep

D'Marc Cantu

How are we doing ep

Fierce throbbing jack moves from D'Marc Cantu on the a-side. How Are We Doing? is counter-balanced by the fragility and subtlety on the flipside. ''A... more...

10inch M>O>S: MOSdeep08 remind

D'Marc Cantu - A New World

D'Marc Cantu

A New World

Michigan resident D'Marc Cantu's next album, relentlessly jacking as always! Though essentially a house and techno producer, American Cantu often goes... more...

2x12inch M>O>S: MOSLP01 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Alternate Frequencies

D'Marc Cantu

Alternate Frequencies

18 Months after serving up his debut LP ''Fallen'', D'Marc Cantu returns to his other home from home, Crème Organization. He’s back with a six track E... more...

EP Creme: CR1265 remind

D'Marc Cantu - 1210a EP

D'Marc Cantu

1210a EP

A extensive palate of sounds available on this pack range from slower ambience influenced grooves, outright 'jak', industrial grit pursuing to intense... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE005 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Long Weekend

D'Marc Cantu

Long Weekend

Typically bold and 'playable' gear from this Anne Arbor based machine head. Heavy on the jak, this one.

12inch M>O>S: MOSdeep019 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Gear Shift Ep

D'Marc Cantu

Gear Shift Ep

On the A side 'It's Sex' kicks things off with his signature drum programming and some serious acid business while 'Body Jak' is a frantic electro wor... more...

12inch Run Out Run: Runor109 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Car Type Ep

D'Marc Cantu

Car Type Ep

''Michigan’s D'Marc Cantu has long been a revered house and techno craftsmen with a misty analogue sound that has spawned killer EPs and LPs on labels... more...

12inch Run Out Run: Runor1006 remind

D'Marc Cantu - That Love You Feel

D'Marc Cantu

That Love You Feel

Keeping up the urgent pace set by the Strength In Numbers collection, Thema now turns to a modern master of the JakBeat, D’Marc Cantu. Hailing from An... more...

12inch Thema: Thema043 remind

D'Marc Cantu - The Son Of Man

D'Marc Cantu

The Son Of Man

Established producer D'Marc Cantu has been crafting his own style of jakbeat since the late '90s, but comes to NYH with some dark and experimental tec... more...

Cassette Tape New York Haunted: NYH18 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Hypnopompic

D'Marc Cantu


As the world collapses, dragging its unwilling inhabitants into insanity, a few things, fortunately, remain true. The man who's contributed to the dev... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL010 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Homefront (Document 1)

D'Marc Cantu

Homefront (Document 1)

The 1st document in a 2 part project from D'Marc Cantu. Drops summer 2017 on Nation's, sublabel Kode. Exemplary productions from the early years. Nati... more...

12inch Nation: KODE03 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Fallen

D'Marc Cantu


D'Marc Cantu's debut LP is finally back in print after 3 years. Limited 2014 repress of this long sold out and in demand classic, in brand new artwork... more...

2x12inch Creme: CrjakXL01 € 16,99

D'marc Cantu / Rival - Omega Red / Sustain

D'marc Cantu / Rival

Omega Red / Sustain

D’Marc Cantu’s second release on Drone is an introspective, emotive piece of electro. With it’s deep pads, ‘Omega Red’ provides the soundtrack to a tr... more...

12inch Drone: Drone010 € 10,99

D'Marc Cantu / Black Meteoric Star - Split Concept

D'Marc Cantu / Black Meteoric Star

Split Concept

A split release on Nation's sublabel, Kode. Two exclusive tracks from Black Meteoric Star and D'Marc Cantu. These songs will never be released anywher... more...

12inch Nation: KODE02 € 20,99

D'Marc Cantu - Parisian Summer

D'Marc Cantu

Parisian Summer

5 new jacking tracks with sleazy 303's frantic synths by D’Marc Cantu. more...

12inch Desire: Desire112 € 10,99

D'Marc Cantu - No Control

D'Marc Cantu

No Control

Limited repress of D'Marc Cantu's legendary debut 12'' on Creme JAK. Out of print since 2007! Pff, duuuuuuude.... foul! Just act like you know ''The C... more...

One sided 12 Creme: Crjak002 € 8,49