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05-12-2016 - monday

Dj Seinfeld - Season 1 EP

Dj Seinfeld

Season 1 EP

An emotionally drenched and flaming hot release from the brand new Lobster Theremin and Meda Fury tag team, Lobster Fury. DJ Seinfeld delivers five ch... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LF001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-02-2017 - thursday

DJ Seinfeld - Sunrise EP

DJ Seinfeld

Sunrise EP

Aquatic acid house, colourful melodies and dreamy vocals, DJ Seinfeld is back.

12inch Endos: Endos001 € 12,99

12-04-2017 - wednesday

DJ Seinfeld - Ruff Hysteria

DJ Seinfeld

Ruff Hysteria

Still reeking from the filth of the TV studio, tabloid mongering and howls of blasphemy from the old guard, DJ Seinfeld is proving to be a hardened ve... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural009 remind

01-05-2017 - monday

DJ Seinfeld x M44K  - #8

DJ Seinfeld x M44K


DJ Seinfeld drops his debut for E-Beamz, a dusty house & garage bass roller backed with M44K's massive Mystvib (Edit) finally seein the light of day o... more...

12inch E-Beamz Records: Ebeamz008 remind

10-11-2017 - friday

Dj Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U

Dj Seinfeld

Time Spent Away From U

DJ Seinfeld announces his long-awaited debut album ‘Time Spent Away From U’ on Lobster Fury out November 3rd. The album follows a year packed with EP... more...

2LP Lobster Theremin: LF002 remind

13-04-2018 - friday

DJ Seinfeld - Sakura EP

DJ Seinfeld

Sakura EP

DJ Seinfeld presents an immersive EP exploring the balance between fragility and force. 'Sakura' EP is the third and most dynamic offering from Deep S... more...

12inch Deep Sea Frequency: DSF003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-07-2018 - thursday

DJ Seinfeld - DJ Kicks

DJ Seinfeld

DJ Kicks

Non-exclusive he first chapter of Armand Jakobsson’s musical career has been nothing short of remarkable. After establishing himself with rough but em... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7370LP remind

20-06-2019 - thursday

DJ Seinfeld - Galazy EP

DJ Seinfeld

Galazy EP

Young Ethics is the new label from Armand Jakobsson, p.k.a DJ Seinfeld, Rimbaudian, and Birds Of Sweden. For the time being, it will be exclusively fo... more...

12inch Young Ethics: Yem001 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-12-2019 - monday

DJ Seinfeld - Lilium EP

DJ Seinfeld

Lilium EP

As with all of Jakobsson’s music, it’s honest and emotive, but the sun kissed house and italo of Lilium and Lovejoy is full of happiness and optimism,... more...

12inch Young Ethics: Yem002 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L