Artist: Dead Husband - All

Dead Husband - X-X

Dead Husband


SISTERS return with some grinding modern wave music from Dead Husband and remixes from An-I (LIES), Papers and Klasse Wrecks Privacy. more...

12inch Sisters: SIS003 remind

Dead Husband - Iguana

Dead Husband


Iguana is the debut release of Dead Husband on Bordello A Parigi. The American group push their unique sound to new levels across this EP. Tracks, lik... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP135 remind

Dead Husband - Luxe Kondo LP

Dead Husband

Luxe Kondo LP

Boston duo Dead Husband are responsible for the new and captivating release “Luxe Kondo”. Six varied and punchy tracks made up the long-awaited debut... more...

LP Waste Editions: WE06 € 15,99