Artist: Georgia - All

Georgia - Immute



The New York duo of Brian Close and Justin Tripp have been releasing music from their Chinatown studio, since 2012. Under the alias Georgia they make... more...

LP Ekster: EKS018 € 23,49
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Georgia - Time



Consisting neither of one lone woman, nor hailing from either the Eurasian country or the North American state, this Georgia is in fact comprised of t... more...

2LP Firecracker: FIREC028 € 27,99
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Georgia - Import Fruit


Import Fruit

Staccato computer melodies, elongated elation and frenzied rhythms make up FTD’s latest offering. From the collaborative minds of Justin Tripp and Bri... more...

12inch FTD: FTD006 remind

Georgia - Like Comment


Like Comment

Georgia is a collaboration between Brian Close and Justin Tripp. On their own Georgia Sounds imprint, they have previously released one album, Asemic... more...

LP Meakusma: Mea012 € 11,99
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Georgia - All Kind Music


All Kind Music

ECM-era Don Cherry global jazz meets contemporary electronic avant-garde, true world dance music for the next millennium. more...

LP Palto Flats: PFLP005 € 19,99
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