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Metasplice - Topographical Interference


Topographical Interference

Morphine twists into a new phase... Metasplice unites the world of the most worshiped techno legends and electronica tycoons with the extremely pure a... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser012 remind

Metasplice - Vertia / Tiled Eighths


Vertia / Tiled Eighths

This weighty double sider on Morphine delves into the paranoid / submarine dwelling / meta-hacker / soundtrack territory they are often known to ente... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser023 € 9,49

Metasplice - Decant / Churn


Decant / Churn

Fierce new industrial two track 12'' from Metasplice... a couple of very well timed destroyers on here, bringing premium 'outsider techno' onto this i... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser015 € 8,99

Metasplice - Metasplice



Philly's Metasplice are back with another double LP's worth of unique soundscapes. To be sure, they're previous sides for Morphosis's Morphine label a... more...

2x12inch Bruxist: Brux005 € 24,99