Artist: TX Connect - All

TX Connect - Untimely Emotions

TX Connect

Untimely Emotions

With Mark Forshaw and Chris Moss Acid laying the groundwork for the label's future outlay it is safe to say in a much unapologetic manner Computer Con... more...

12inch Computer Controlled Records: CC003 remind

TX Connect - Replacing Memories

TX Connect

Replacing Memories

TX Connect steps up for Lower Parts 09! Replacing Memories is a pounding voyage into the unknown. Pulsing acid and urgent fx ring out over banging dru... more...

12inch Lower Parts: Lp09 € 14,99

TX Connect - Mutant Waves

TX Connect

Mutant Waves

Hot on the heels of his full length ''The Totality'' on Medical/Transfusions, Gavin Guthrie (this time as TX Connect) delivers three of his most ambit... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-012 € 12,99

TX Connect - You Too

TX Connect

You Too

Chicago rooted unpolished tracks on the Adelaide Soundworks label from Australia! First up is TX Connect, delivering 3 diverse jams of high quality lo... more...

12inch Adelaide Soundworks: ASW001 € 9,99

TX Connect - Trixxter EP

TX Connect

Trixxter EP

No-nonsense jack trax strictly for the vagabonds, rogues, sages and full-on midnight wizards.

12inch Dixon Avenue Basement Jams: DABJ1213 € 12,49