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Unknown Artist - 303 202 EP

Unknown Artist

303 202 EP

303 202 EP - Follow up from the huge 101 EP, a collection of Acidic techno cuts made with the legendary TB303 and the SH101 machines. This time around... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: 303202 € 10,49

Unknown artists - Ossa Jams 1

Unknown artists

Ossa Jams 1

Cuts from live recorded jam sessions straight out of Berlin's sweet armpits.

12inch 777 Recordings: 777-01 remind

Unknown Artist - Fan Club

Unknown Artist

Fan Club

Rare recordings from the closed down Fan Club, the underground of Moss - Norway. Two times genuine impro-electro(nic)-''avante garde''. Includes unre... more...

12inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia007 remind

Unknown Artist - Antiparallel 01

Unknown Artist

Antiparallel 01

(¦an·tē´par·ə´lel) 01. Stamped white label.

12inch Antiparallel: ANTIPARALLEL01 remind

Unknown Artist - Antiparallel 02

Unknown Artist

Antiparallel 02

Neat semi-conceptual tech flicks on this second exploration of anti-parallel-ism.

12inch Antiparallel: ANTIPARALLEL02 remind

Unknown Artists - Dry Cry

Unknown Artists

Dry Cry

Coki's AWD label. Limited one sided white label.

12inch AWD Records: AWD003 remind

Unknown Artist - Bandura 001

Unknown Artist

Bandura 001

Mysterious house edits from one of Europe's most acclaimed producers. This a limited press and once it's gone, it's gone so please order straight away... more...

12inch Bandura: Bandura001 remind

Unknown Artist - Camel 1

Unknown Artist

Camel 1

Humpin' two track edit of pop licking goodness from an unknown source.

12inch Camel Toe: Camel001 remind

Unknown Artist  - You Can F ck Off / So Can You

Unknown Artist

You Can F ck Off / So Can You

12'' Limited Hand Stamped White Label with some great Disco House music tracks.

12inch Unknown Label: Cat001 remind

Unknown Artist - Try To Find Me Vol.1

Unknown Artist

Try To Find Me Vol.1

Golf Channel / A staggeringly good Slo-mo Balearic groover already a firm favourite of DJ legend Harvey, flipped with an irresistible Synth laced funk... more...

12inch Golf Channel: Channel003 remind

Unknown Artist - Truncatis

Unknown Artist


Having landed this diverse haul, let's take a look inside as we move from a completely overhauled Musicbox classic, flipped and re-pitched for 21st ce... more...

12inch Various UK Re-edits: Crumbs003 remind

Unknown artist - C U 1

Unknown artist

C U 1

New label from the Frozen Boarder people for darker broken beat techno with haunting metalic percussive'ness ghostley atmospheres heavy bongo bass Th... more...

12inch Cub records: Cub01 remind

Unknown Artist - Damn Edits Vol 1

Unknown Artist

Damn Edits Vol 1

New series of edits featuring some handy club tools – A surprise rework of a sweet disco nugget with a cheeky snatch of west London running underneath... more...

12inch Damn Edits: Damn001 remind

Unknown Artist - Disco Devil 1 (Red)

Unknown Artist

Disco Devil 1 (Red)

Devil Love is a masterful edit of an unknown track named ''LEB Harmony'' while ''GA'' on the b-side is an updated version of an old Rhetta Hughes groo... more...

12inch Disco Devil: DD001 remind

Unknown Artist - Disco Devil 2 (Purple)

Unknown Artist

Disco Devil 2 (Purple)

More of an organic vibe on part two of the series, but still with a distinct electronic vibe throughout. ''Excuse Me'' is an edit of the Jellybean pro... more...

12inch Disco Devil: DD002 remind

Unknown artist - Decent International 02

Unknown artist

Decent International 02

80's inpspired dance tracks.

12inch Decent International: Decent02 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - DEL03

Unknown Artist


Music from a found tape, potentially recorded during the late 1980s and unedited. Unknown artist early sampling puzzle saved from oblivion. Music wit... more...

12inch Delodio: DEL03 € 26,99

Unknown Artist - DLA 001

Unknown Artist

DLA 001

Minimalistic & acidic deep house biz... 150 copies. more...

12inch DLA: DLA001 remind

Unknown Artist - Organ House

Unknown Artist

Organ House

Unknown Artist has been busy lately... another one ;-) this time some deeper intense edgy house tracks with a bit early Detroit techno. Great release... more...

12inch Doge Records: Doge001 remind

Unknown Artist - Pastoral Scene / Les Choses De La Vie

Unknown Artist

Pastoral Scene / Les Choses De La Vie

A record about broken dreams and lost hopes, breathing an atmosphere of harrowing gloom and disturbing bitterness. Very limited batch!

12inch Downtown Romeo Records: DRR#2 € 10,99

Unknown Artist - Dub Chronicles 6
12inch Dub Chronicles: DUBCNS006 remind

Unknown Artist - Disco Duck

Unknown Artist

Disco Duck

Pretty obscure wee 7'' of 'Disco Ducks'. Comes with goofy double sided colour insert, housed in a PVC sleeve.

7inch Unknown: Duck remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - I Love The Way / So Special

Unknown Artist

I Love The Way / So Special

From the Kid housing on Dopeness Galore.

12inch Dopeness Galore: DW01 remind

Unknown Artist  / Belle Epoque - Yo Son / Bamalama

Unknown Artist / Belle Epoque

Yo Son / Bamalama

With “Yo Son”, Prince Language delivers an edit of an 80s obscurity that sounds like it could have been an outtake from Remain In Light-era Talking He... more...

12inch Editions Disco: Editions Disco 1977 remind

Unknown Artist - Black Boxx ep

Unknown Artist

Black Boxx ep

4 mystery tracks, very reminiscent of the early Ferrispark Records releases. Super trackee, simple, gritty & emotional sample based Detroit house. En... more...

12inch Ferris Park: FPR035 € 8,99

Unknown Artist - Black Boxx ep 2

Unknown Artist

Black Boxx ep 2

Influenced by mid 90's Detroit techno 4 more raw analogue sounding tracks from Black Boxx... As with the first release the numbers are limited so don'... more...

12inch Ferris Park: FPR036 remind

Unknown Artist - Unknown

Unknown Artist


Future Times is pleased to present a track that has been a big part of DJ sets by Swimmers, Max, and the rest of the crew for a couple years now. This... more...

12inch Future Times: FT-012 remind

Unknown Artist - Untitled

Unknown Artist


Mysterious one sided 12'' from the Future Times camp. Some serious swinging house business right here!

12inch Future Times: FT-021 remind

Unknown Artist - Generation X

Unknown Artist

Generation X

A four track EP, by mysterious up & coming producers, which brings to you both the thrills of modern techno and the feel of a classic 90's rave. This... more...

12inch Generation X: GENX001 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - GKNSTR01

Unknown Artist


Droning, dark Techno. Vinyl only & strictly limited.

12inch Gknstr: GKNSTR001/13 € 8,99

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 1

Unknown Artist

Geheimtipp 1

Usually stuff that is announced as unknown or as insider tip are just a sales trick... but this is actually really nice! B-side as a looped disco trac... more...

12inch Geheimtipp: GMT001 remind

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 2

Unknown Artist

Geheimtipp 2

Round 2 for Geheimtipp. one side a modern version of a Dj Sneak style house track. B-side another lush yet effective modern techno track. Very good tr... more...

12inch Geheimtipp: GMT002 remind

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 3

Unknown Artist

Geheimtipp 3

Another mysterious releases with effective club tracks which are vinyl only! A-side is a peak time track, and b-sdie is a deep piano driven house cut.... more...

12inch Geheimtipp: GMT003 remind

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 4

Unknown Artist

Geheimtipp 4

fourth release in the Geheimtipp series... and as usual one club orientated 'banger' and one deeper track. And in all honesty we don't like this club... more...

12inch Geheimtipp: GMT004 remind

Unknown Artist - Geheimtipp 5

Unknown Artist

Geheimtipp 5

Two effective club tracks on the ongoing Geheimtipp series! No digital, and limited suplies!

12inch Geheimtipp: GMT005 remind

Unknown Artist - H.A.N.D. 02

Unknown Artist

H.A.N.D. 02

Edits label from the party series in Berlin, Germany. Balearic, Disco, Hi-NRG.

12inch Have A Nice Day: HAND002 € 12,49

Unknown Artist - Untitled (Hrmn27)

Unknown Artist

Untitled (Hrmn27)

HRMN-27 hopes to present a different type of approach by offering the listener five instrumental soundscapes with no attached meanings or subliminal m... more...

12inch Harmonia: HRMN-27 € 15,99

Unknown Artist - Hypochondriac Ep

Unknown Artist

Hypochondriac Ep

Classy house cuts on this one!!! Four diverse tracks which veer from the heavier percussive groove and goose-bump inducing Rhodes of the title track t... more...

12inch Hypochondriac: HYP01 € 10,99

Unknown Artist  - Staub 003

Unknown Artist

Staub 003

Powerful modern techno. A1 is an atmospheric trip while A2 is more brutal, on the B side it is going weirder and darker. We think Unknown Artist tries... more...

12inch I/Y: IYSTB003 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - JC01

Unknown Artist


Uptempo techno tracks from unknown source. hypnotic stabs, sizzling hats and post detroit minimalism

12inch JC: JC001 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - JC002

Unknown Artist


Second release on the JC label, same stone cold minimal tech funk as the first JC release.

12inch JC: JC002 remind

Unknown Artist - Backroom

Unknown Artist


Unknown Whitelabel from East Berlin. Only a few hundred copies. Be Fast!

12inch Joke: Joke001 remind

Unknown Artist - Musto

Unknown Artist


Next action from east berlin. Only a few hundred copies. Be Fast!

12inch Joke: Joke002 remind

Unknown Artist - Blue Monday

Unknown Artist

Blue Monday

Killer edits from the newly enshrined KK Editions. Limited stuff!

12inch Various UK Re-edits: KKED001 remind

Unknown Artist - Once In A Lifetime

Unknown Artist

Once In A Lifetime

Krystal Klear takes on Talking Heads for the second instalment of KK Editions.

12inch Various UK Re-edits: KKED002 remind