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808 state - 90

808 state


album incl Pacific state

12inch Ztt: Ztt remind

Air Liquide - Liquide air ep.

Air Liquide

Liquide air ep.

Colored vinyl pressing of this true Cologne classic by Khan and Walker. Spacious techno acid tracks with a touch of ambient.

12inch Blue: Blue 003 remind

Beltram - Energy Flash


Energy Flash

The ultimate techno classic. Sealed copy of the first pressing. Xtc... xtc...

12inch Transmat: MS016 remind

Blake Baxter - Crimes Of The Heart

Blake Baxter

Crimes Of The Heart

Classic Blake Baxter release. Pure Detroit techno with the trademark x-rated vocals and all... Original sealed copies!

12inch Incognito: IR004 remind

Bobby Kondors - House rhythms

Bobby Kondors

House rhythms

Classic house!! Includes "Let there be house", "The Poem" and "Nervous acid"

12inch Nu groove: Nu groove 38 remind

Brian Transeau - Relativity

Brian Transeau


Incl great Carl Craig mix

12inch Deepdish: DDR003 remind

Code 6 - Second chapter

Code 6

Second chapter

Joey Beltram house classic from the begin, collectror, c

12inch Nu groove: Nu groove remind

Da Posse - Strings/it's my life

Da Posse

Strings/it's my life

One of the best Future rec, by K.Alexi

12inch Future records: Future records remind

Dan Curtin - Space
12inch Metamorphic: Metos120 remind

Dan Curtin - Planetary ep
12inch Metamorphic: Met010 remind

De-lite - Wildtimes



Legendary Derrick May remixes!!

12inch Circa: Circa remind

Fade to Black - In Synch

Fade to Black

In Synch

Another all-time classic Detroit techno release, this time from Jay Denham. 'The Calling' (Reprise) is what Detroit techno is all about, as the machin... more...

12inch Fragile: Frg003 remind

Bnjmn - Unknown 2


Unknown 2

Limited white label action with hot new BNJMN tracks!

12inch Rush Hour: RHBNJMN2 remind

Forge Masters - Track With No Name
12inch Network: Network remind

Forgemasters - Track with noname
12inch Warp: Warp001 remind

Format 2 - #2
12inch Esp: Esp remind

Gino Soccio - Face to face
12inch Atlantic: Atlantic remind

Guy called Gerald - Automanikk (D.May mix!)

Guy called Gerald

Automanikk (D.May mix!)

.One of the best Derrick May rmixes

12inch Subscape: Subscape remind

Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid
12inch Westside rec: Westside rec remind

Innercity - Ahnongay
12inch Six6: Six6 remind

Innercity - Praise



Briliant D.May mix!!

12inch Virgin: Virgin remind

Innercity - Good life


Good life

US promotional copy

12inch Virgin: Virgin remind

Dbx - Rare and unreleased


Rare and unreleased

The best minimal funk from 1993 -1996.. by Daniel Bell, rare and unreleased (incl a R.Hawtin mix of Loosing control) limited!

12inch Accelerate: Accelerate remind

KA Posse - Our Love Stops And goes

KA Posse

Our Love Stops And goes

Pheerce city #3. 1st pressing of this obscure K. Alexi release!! One of the greatest acid releases ever.

12inch Pheerce Citi: PC003 remind

12inch Warp: Warp005 remind

Link - Link ep


Link ep

the second release in the the Evolution Remastered Series! Next one is the label’s most popular release – EVOO5 ‘Link EP’ by Mark Pritchard. Including... more...

12inch Evolution: Evo005 remind

Liz Torrez/Master C&J -

Liz Torrez/Master C&J

Incl No more mindgames/Face it/in the city

12inch Jack trax: Jack trax remind

M-D-EMM - Get Acidic


Get Acidic

Techno classic. First UK artists on Transmat. Original pressing, mint.

12inch Transmat: MS07 remind

Master C&J - In the City

Master C&J

In the City

Beautyfull !!!!!!!

12inch State street records: State street records remind

Mayday - Sinister / Wiggin (double a-side)


Sinister / Wiggin (double a-side)

The legendary Pheerce city label with a rare miss-pressing on this very hard to find 12'' - two sides the same! Never seen before and even more obscur... more...

12inch Pheerce Citi: PC001 (mispress) remind

Mayday - Nude Photo '88


Nude Photo '88

Warehouse find if this repress of a Derrick May uber techno classic featuring some unique mixes of nude photo: the Ultimate mix and the Acid burns mix... more...

12inch Kool kat: KoolKat014 remind

Model 500 - The True Techno ep

Model 500

The True Techno ep

Great classic techno/electro by Juan Atkins. Track list: The Passage, Mind Changes, Vessels In Distress (Prelude). Sealed copy!

12inch Network: Network remind

Model 500 / Mayday - Strings of life / Off to Battle / Kaos

Model 500 / Mayday

Strings of life / Off to Battle / Kaos

Exclusive mixes of some Detroit classics by Juan Atkins & Derrick May. Original copy, sealed!

12inch Jack trax: 12JTRAX11 remind

Symbols & Instruments - Mood / Science of Numbers

Symbols & Instruments

Mood / Science of Numbers

Simply beautiful techno. Different release from many of the KMS ones..but actually a favorite and much underrated. First release by Derrick Carter and... more...

12inch KMS: KMS027 remind

Musicology - Hall Of Mirrors


Hall Of Mirrors

Re-press of the highly sought after third Musicology ep on the very collectable B12. Tracklist A1 Hall Of Mirrors, A2 Satori, B1 Mondrin, B2 Boundries... more...

12inch B12: B1206 remind

Night mares on wax - Dextous
12inch Warp: Warp002 remind

Octave One - I Believe

Octave One

I Believe

Sealed (!!) white label copy. Classic Detroit techno by the Burden Bros. on Derrick May's label.

12inch Transmat: MS10 remind

Octave one - The Octivation Ep

Octave one

The Octivation Ep

Here it is: the promo version (which includes one different track compared to the official release) of one the most wanted Detroit techno records ever... more...

12inch 430 west: 430 West 100 (promo) remind

Plez - Can't stop
12inch Plezure rec: Plezure rec remind

Prototype - the Path
12inch Buzz: Buzz remind

R-Tyme - Use me


Use me

Detroit classic, two great Carl Craig mixes and an excellent Marc Kinchen remix! White label promo copy with stamp on dark brown transparent vinyl...!

12inch Trance Fusion: TF506 remind

Reese - Rhytm tracks,Another change
12inch Bootleg: Bootleg remind

Repeat - Game show


Game show

Black dog productions!

12inch General prod.: General prod. 10 remind