Label: AHAAD - All

16-05-2019 - thursday

Cheise - Four Planets


Four Planets

We are excited to share with you Ahaad 005. This time from Ukrainian producer & DJ, Cheise. This fifth release is a special four track EP that connect... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD005 € 12,99

11-01-2019 - friday

Akasha - Akasha Chronicles


Akasha Chronicles

AHAAD third outing! The mysterious Akasha Chronicles presents his debut EP, Akasha. Deep, heavy and moving, these tracks are for the mind. Huuuuge tip... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD003 remind

Elastic - Below Shadows


Below Shadows

We are excited to present Ahaad 004. The fourth release on the Berlin based label, a sub label of Wex. These four tracks are from the Greek artist, El... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD004 € 14,99

11-04-2017 - tuesday