Label: AM - All

14-07-2017 - friday

Various - 04AM



The 04AM A-side contains two South-African 80's Bubblegum tracks, revamped by young dj and producer Perdu. He provided the tracks with delicate intros... more...

12inch AM: 04AM remind

15-12-2016 - thursday

Various Artists - 03AM

Various Artists


On this third delivery from AM Records the A-side is reserved for two disco edits by grandmaster Loud-E and new kid on the block Baerlz from Paris. He... more...

12inch AM: 03AM remind

21-06-2016 - tuesday

Hekkla - Sunset Strip


Sunset Strip

02AM is an 4 track EP by the young producer Hekkla from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The first track is 'Sunset Strip', a slowly build house track... more...

12inch AM: 02AM € 10,99

24-02-2016 - wednesday

Various Artists - Time To Set The Night On Fire

Various Artists

Time To Set The Night On Fire

01AM is the perfect time to start a party and it is the first release of a new label by Afrobot related to his Afrobotic Musicology blog. The record c... more...

12inch AM: 01AM € 9,99

Various Artists - Indian Acid / Pee Pee

Various Artists

Indian Acid / Pee Pee

05AM contains two Bollywood bangers, loudly pressed – each on a 45rpm side of the record. Afrobot’s cut is a raw and fast percussive acid track, just... more...

12inch AM: 05AM remind