Label: Abstract Forms - All

24-04-2017 - monday

Various Artists

Datafunk v2.0 Sampler 1

One of two very limited samplers of the Datafunk 2.0 project. Due to the project being considerably delayed a couple of artists pulled their tracks so... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS-DJS1 remind

31-10-2016 - monday

DMX Krew


UK wave funk veteran DMX Krew returns to Abstract Forms with his latest double album project. Escape-MCP features 13 tracks of synth drenched electro... more...

2LP Abstract Forms: AFSLP003 € 17,99

20-06-2016 - monday


Lack of Light

Morphology, back where they began on Abstract Forms. Killer aquatic electro born out of cold, dark and long winters in Finland.

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS20.03 remind

Louis Haiman

Aquatonic Dissonance

Louis Haiman returns to Abstract Forms with some seriously deep underwater vibes....and who better to co-pilot than Heinrich Mueller himself. Essentia... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS20.02 remind

Marco Bernardi


The mastermind of dark and demented Electro returns to Abstract Forms, Marco Bernardi delivers four cuts of awesome Purist Electro. Limited Pressing.

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS20.01 remind

Various Artists

Datafunk v1.0

Very special electro project 2 years in the making, featuring works from Ian Martin, Shemale, Federico Leocata, Das Muster, Obergman, Koova, Linear Sy... more...

LP Abstract Forms: AFSLP001 remind


Cyclic Multiverse

Mid-paced, fresh ‘n’ funky electro gear on this eight track EP from Swedish artist, Obergman. All very nicely produced while maintaining the quirky fa... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS017 remind

Dmx Krew

Micro Life

DMX Krew debuts on Abstract Forms, showing us just what can be done with a collection of vintage synths, impeccable programming skills and a heavy dos... more...

EP Abstract Forms: AFS0.16 remind

Federico Leocata


Federico Leocata's latest experiment on Abstract Forms is stunning. Drawing inspiration from the experimental style and themes of recurrence in Nietzs... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS015 remind


Mirror Watcher

Gosub returns to Abstract Forms with a six track transmission. Mirror Watcher is a kaleidoscopic serve of elektroid attitude. Starting with the title... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS014 remind


Tessellation Automata

Killer EP of sinister and trippy machine funk by Ekman. Limited to 200 copies on white vinyl. more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS013 remind

Luke Eargoggle

The Datamagi EP

Another 6 track release by Herr Eargoggle folowing up the Information Points EP. Expect mind altering scientific electro tracks again in his typical s... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS010.5 remind

Various Artists

Combined EP v3.0

It’s about time The Exaltics and Koova appeared on Abstract Forms, and part three, the next instalment of the Combined series, is the perfect vehicle... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS012 remind

Marco Bernardi


Razor sharp futuristic textures from the Bristol based producer, dropping one of his deadliest EPs to date. Stratagalastico is an absolute bomb of mac... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS011 remind

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS010 remind

Versalife / Matti Turunen

Combined EP v2.0

Next up from Abstract Forms is part two of the combined EP series, again the focus being on outer-worldly electro jams. The artists on offer are Versa... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS009 remind


Touch Screen Terrorist ep

Abstract Forms returns with some straight up killer electro from Gosub, limited to 250 copies, vinyl only. more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS008 remind

Morphology / CRC

Combined ep Vol. 1

Abstract Forms brings you he first in a series of various artist EPs and this time it's future wave funk from Finnish electro duo, Morphology and also... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS007 remind

Louis Haiman

The Formless ep

Abstract Forms brings you another slice of fine quality electronic music. Derrick May describes him as “a very accomplished musician”, and he is not w... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS006 remind



Introducing ‘Morphology’, an exciting new collaboration from Finland consisting of Michael Diekmann who records under the alias CRC and Matti Turunen... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS005 remind

Kirk Degiorgio

Jitter World

Abstract Forms brings you 'Jitter World'. Featuring three tracks of deep techno business, 'Jitter' is a full-on, peak-time dance floor mover with extr... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS004 remind

Arne Weinberg


Stunning 4 track EP by Arne Weinberg. The A side gives us rich and melodic ‘4 to the floor’ deep techno whilst the B side tells a different story, bri... more...

12inch Abstract Forms: AFS003 remind