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14-05-2018 - monday

OIWA - Rave Racing Top Hits Vol.1


Rave Racing Top Hits Vol.1

OIWA - the new subdivision of Aiwo rec. presents Rave Racing Top Hits Vol. 1 - a various Rave Race selection of Oldschool Electro-Hiphop Crossover / B... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: OIWA001 € 10,99

19-03-2018 - monday

Phaserboys  - Phaserboys EP


Phaserboys EP

HAllo! Here are the Phaserboys with their full debut on Aiwo rec. and they show up with a full equiped dance floor record including Love Mission Disco... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: Aiwo005 € 10,99

20-11-2017 - monday

15-08-2017 - tuesday

Giraffi Dog  - Giraffi Dog EP

Giraffi Dog

Giraffi Dog EP

Winter is over like Big Foot and this 12 Inch wants you to reminisce over some good summer vibrations, sun melting memories and ice cream fantasies.... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: Aiwo004 € 12,99

24-10-2016 - monday

Forum - Forum EP


Forum EP

*** 1 COPY PER CUSTOMER *** 4 super nice esoteric but pumping house tracks. *** 1 COPY PER CUSTOMER ***

12inch Aiwo Records: Aiwo001 remind