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V/A - Powerslaves



Electro tribute to the ultimate long haired, headbanging hard rock band: IRON MAIDEN.. With Legowelt, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Imitran Voima, Kitbuilders,... more...

CD Angelmaker: AMR012cd remind

V/A - Eurolectro.1nix



Compilation series constructed to support and unite the European electro and electronica scene.. This time 4 tracks by Sendex, It & My Computer, Ra-X... more...

12inch Angelmaker: AMR013 remind

Ra-x - The Overthrow ep


The Overthrow ep

Label boss Ra-x drops a bad ass dark electro and more classic idm-ish electro 12" made to rock. Very functional and effective. Dark sweaty bassment st... more...

12inch Angelmaker: AMR014 € 7,99

V/A - Powerslaves (an electro tribute to Iron Maiden)


Powerslaves (an electro tribute to Iron Maiden)

After there Powerslaves cd, here it the limited vinyl version with LEGOWELT, ACID JUNKIES, RUDE 66 and LUKE EARGOGGLE.

12inch Angelmaker: AMR015 remind

Sir Stephen - Hang Tough ep

Sir Stephen

Hang Tough ep

8 bit electro distorted P.U.N.K.R.O.C.K. and afrogermanic pacin' beats.. Clear vinyl..

12inch Angelmaker: AMR016 € 7,99

V/A - Eurolectro.2nix



Part 2 of the series which caters to both the electro and electronica underground! with Rude 66, Electrovolt, Kassen and Mesak..

12inch Angelmaker: AMR017 € 8,00




First part of 2 12s RA-X remixxes with: DMX Krew, Chris Clark, Kettel and Drop The Lime.

EP Angelmaker: AMR018 remind

V/A - From Our Hoodz to Yourz


From Our Hoodz to Yourz

6 track 12'' starring: Dan Curtin, Lackluster, Cane vs. Polycorn, Syncom Data, Sir Stephen and Inkinen with tracks about their hometowns. Deep electro... more...

12inch Angelmaker: AMR019 € 7,99

Ra-X - Re:mixed



This new CD offers 13 new remixes of the large RA-X backcatalogue, by some of his favorite producers and friends throughout the years: Kettel (Dub, P... more...

CD Angelmaker: AMRX020cd € 15,99

Virgin Fang - Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Vincent Koreman aka RA-X joins up with Herr Muller to form a new and rockin’ Optimus Prime, once again exploring the dancefloor. Their style could be... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF001 remind

Virgin Fang - Skidder / Bloodclat

Virgin Fang

Skidder / Bloodclat

The new 12'' on and by Virgin Fang brings some new influences to their electro sound. Skidder hints at dubstep atmospheres and Ed Banger bassthumps an... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF002 € 7,99