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19-09-2022 - monday

Quantum Collapse aka Eduardo De La Calle - Orthogonal Eigenstates

Quantum Collapse aka Eduardo De La Calle

Orthogonal Eigenstates

Orthogonal Eigenstates is the title of the new full-length album by Quantum Collapse aka Eduardo de La Calle where the author definitively moves awa... more...

2x12inch Apnea: Apnea101 € 20,99

Imek & Xpansul - La Salud Remixes

Imek & Xpansul

La Salud Remixes

Various remixes by Pfirter & Grindvik, Marko F├╝rstemberg and From Karaoke To Stardom. Nice deep dubbed out berlin techno tracks.

12inch Apnea: Apnea029 remind

Brendon Moeller - Ignition ep

Brendon Moeller

Ignition ep

The next chapter of the Apnea saga is signed by one of the rising stars in the techno firmament, Brendon Moeller. Ignition EP is a four tracker that m... more...

12inch Apnea: Apnea022 remind

Tadeo - Cosmos (Cassy & Substance remix)


Cosmos (Cassy & Substance remix)

Long trippin remixes by Substance and Cassy. Great tracks that build, groove and seduce almost 10 minutes long.

12inch Apnea: Apnea020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hieroglyphic Being - Guidance/Directions ep

Hieroglyphic Being

Guidance/Directions ep

Two highly emotional tracks, challenging electronic dance music that stimulates body, soul and mind. Experimental and yet highly danceable with a hint... more...

12inch Apnea: Apnea 017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alex Under - Multiplicanciones 2

Alex Under

Multiplicanciones 2

Second part of the Multiplicanciones series. Alex Under has turned from dub to clubby sounds.

12inch Apnea: Apnea 007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L