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06-04-2021 - tuesday

Bottin presents - Artifact 14

Bottin presents

Artifact 14

Italian weirdologist Bottin strikes again with another private pressing for Artifact Records. Side A starts off with an edit of a super rare italo-el... more...

12inch Artifact: ART14 € 10,99

31-08-2020 - monday

Bottin - Artifact 13


Artifact 13

ARTIFACT is again hot off the vinyl presses with a private edition, curated by stalwart editor BOTTIN. First off, ''Manifesto Balearico'' does exactl... more...

12inch Artifact: ART13 remind

21-10-2019 - monday

Bottin - Respirare / Waterland


Respirare / Waterland

One of Italy's most revered producers on the global scene, Bottin is always ready with an invigorating palette of sounds and rhythms that stem from hi... more...

12inch Artifact: ART12 € 10,49

13-05-2019 - monday

Bottin - Artifact 11


Artifact 11

After a long break (6 years!) mysterious ARTIFACT label is back with a new private pressing of juicy Bottin re-edits. Fist off, ''Domenica'' is an u... more...

12inch Artifact: ART11 € 10,49

13-06-2016 - monday

Cristalli Liquidi - Sciame

Cristalli Liquidi


Cult Italo post-wave group Cristalli Liquidi are back with another 12'' maxi single. This time the production was carried out by the godfather of Ital... more...

12inch Artifact: ART09 € 9,99

05-05-2014 - monday

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi - Incubo Assoluto

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi

Incubo Assoluto

Sarcastic and obscure neo-italo-wave band Cristalli Liquidi once again steps into limelight with a third single on the equally mysterious Artifact imp... more...

12inch Artifact: Art08 € 8,49

13-01-2014 - monday

Bottin presents: Riding with Lucio - Riding with Lucio

Bottin presents: Riding with Lucio

Riding with Lucio

Bottin is back with his highly collectible Artifact edits. This 12" is dedicated to Lucio Battisti (well known among disco heads for Il Veliero) - her... more...

12inch Artifact: Art07 remind

17-06-2013 - monday

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi - Canzone Registrata

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi

Canzone Registrata

Mysterious ensemble Cristalli Liquidi are back on Artifact with their second single. This is another all-Italian new wave affair entitled Canzone Regi... more...

12inch Artifact: Art06 € 8,49

Bottin & Love Supreme - Artifact 5

Bottin & Love Supreme

Artifact 5

After selling out all previous releases to elite djs and collectors worldwide, the highly mysterius Artifact imprint is back to its original aim, that... more...

12inch Artifact: Art05 € 8,99

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi - Volevi Una Hit

Bottin presents: Cristalli Liquidi

Volevi Una Hit

The collectable Artifact imprint is taking a detour from incendiary and obscure disco re-issues into releasing even more obscure material. Mysterious... more...

12inch Artifact: Art04 remind

Bottin - Artifact 3


Artifact 3

Bottin with his 3rd installment on the Artifacts series! Artifacts 1 and 2 did become small cult releases that sold out everywhere. No3 is another mas... more...

12inch Artifact: Art03 remind

Bottin - Artifact 2


Artifact 2

Part two in the private pressing series of Bottin! Again crazy limited and extremely good! Two hot tracks covering each one side with upbeat italo tra... more...

12inch Artifact: Art02 remind

Bottin - Artifact 1


Artifact 1

Here a private pressing of 200 copies with some exciting works of Mr Bottin who is for sure one of the most active producers in the new disco umwelt t... more...

12inch Artifact: Art01 remind