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Viktor Apo

Regenerate EP

Next up on a.r.t.less is Viktor Apo with his Regenerate EP hailing from Skopje, with four tracks of finest Detroit Techno made in Macedonia, needless... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2172 remind

Reel By Real

Tic Tac EP

Reel By Real aka Martin Bonds, our man from Detroit graces us with some fresh music! Did you heard about the Tic Tac incident, where a fighter jet enc... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2173 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Liquid Sun

O-Wells aka Frankfurt Bass is back on Mojuba sub label a.r.t.less with some very tasty life affirming sun showered Detroit Techno for your heart and s... more...

12inch Artless: ArtlessXTR1 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dj Ion

Portal Kvest EP

Fresh stepping four tracker. Being emotionally inspired by 90s Techno originating in Detroit and the UK and combing these influences with undeniable c... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2176 remind

Sam Mcqueen

Dreams In Sepia

Sam McQueen (Indio co-producer with John Beltran, Indigo Aera, Delsin Records, Furthur Electronix) presents his debut album Dreams In Sepia for Mojuba... more...

2LP Artless: ArtlessLP2 € 25,99

Stephen Brown

Sweet Nothing EP

High-Tech-Soul bliss and Ambient Techno magic by one of Scotlands finest!

12inch Artless: Artless2178 remind

12inch Artless: Artless2177 (12726) remind


Quod EP

Ken Sumitani aka Stereociti prod. blinding set of Electro futurism & Dub Techno

12inch Artless: Artless2179 (00701) € 10,99



Properly sleeved reissue of immense, spaced out Techno trips.

12inch Artless: ArtlessVextRE1 (00700) € 14,99

Mark Archer

Songs For Einna EP

Craftily executed, classy blend of jacking Chicago & classic Detroit schooled Techno

12inch Artless: Artless2180 (18514) € 10,99


Magnitude EP

Uplifting, classy, mid 1990s Detroit school trained Techno EP.

12inch Artless: Artless2181 (20021) remind

JP Enfant

Virtus EP

Crafty, uplifting, highly effective 1990s Detroit Techno futurism schooled EP

12inch Artless: Artless2183 (78731) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trap 10

Three Ep

Classy, driving, mid 1990s Detroit school reminiscent Techno.

12inch Artless: Artless2182 (78443) remind

Sounders Department

Sounders Department

Valuable reissue compilation of driving Detroit informed 1990s Techno project. Some sleeves have a minor bend corner. more...

3x12inch Artless: ArtlessDept1 (77712) remind

2LP Artless: ArtlessVextlp1(64769) € 29,99


Interregnum EP

Munich Techno Duo Trap10 bringing three cuts of high quality Detroit influenced no nonsens Techno, ranging from heavy peak time action to subtle emoti... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2184 € 9,99

Stephen Brown

Mirage EP

Killer techno tune called 2FM in finest Robert Hood / M-Plant tradition on the A-Side. The B-Side has a very emotional synth laden track.

12inch Artless: Artless2185 remind

12inch Artless: Artless2186 remind


Westside Ep

Straight peak-time action on the A-Side and head-nodding & feet stomping funk infused Techno with soul on the flip, dress to sweat!

12inch Artless: Artless2187 remind

JP Enfant

Echoes Of You Ep

The next techno adventure on Mojuba sub label a.r.t.less is ready to launch. This release is the shimmering debut by JP Enfant aka Jean Pierre Enfant,... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2189 remind

Reel by Real

Surkit Chamber, The Melding

the debut album by Detroit Techno veteran Martin Bonds aka Reel By Real. After 2010?s retrospective of his most seminal work including some collaborat... more...

2LP Artless: Artlesslp01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Reel by Real

20 Years Surkit

A retrospective by Detroit Techno veteran Martin Bonds aka Reel By Real in two parts. Most long time Clone customers will know this release and own th... more...

2x12inch Artless: ARTLESS2200ABCD remind