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20-01-2021 - wednesday

Swordman Kitala - Kimbalagala

Swordman Kitala


Swordman Kitala’s highly anticipated debut EP straight from Uganda with an absolutely killer line up of guest producers. A huge variety of styles on t... more...

12inch Blip Discs: Blip009 remind

27-07-2017 - thursday

Tom Blip - Sentimental Strings / There Were No Signs

Tom Blip

Sentimental Strings / There Were No Signs

Here we have the return of the synonymous Tom Blip to the Blip Discs label since 2015's endlessly re-pressed 'Wrong Guanco'. Sentimental Strings kicks... more...

12inch Blip Discs: Blip006 remind
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21-04-2017 - friday

Glowing Palms - Kiki / Asteroidz

Glowing Palms

Kiki / Asteroidz

Frisky and shifty, eski-beat cheeky, breaky and beaty against a backdrop of raw synthesis punctuated by tekken style karate chants. Undoubtedly Glowin... more...

12inch Blip Discs: Blip005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-10-2016 - wednesday

Spooky-J - Limbo Yam/Pfer


Limbo Yam/Pfer

Spooky-J spearheads Blip Discs darkest, most outlandish and hands-on dispatch to date. The A side is most definitely a heads down floor mover with med... more...

12inch Blip Discs: Blip004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-04-2016 - friday

O'Flyn - Oberyn/Spyglass
12inch Blip Discs: Blip003 remind

24-03-2016 - thursday