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12-09-2019 - thursday

17-10-2018 - wednesday

Estrato Aurora - Ursus Dolinensis (Leonid remix)

Estrato Aurora

Ursus Dolinensis (Leonid remix)

Following previous appearances on Station Shiva and Discos Pandemicos, Estrato Aurora makes his first appearance on Bliq with some advanced deep techn... more...

12inch Bliq: BLIQ018 remind

31-01-2018 - wednesday

Iakovos - Adidas People


Adidas People

Edgy techno and a killer electro tune (a2) on this new Bliq releases

12inch Bliq: Bliq017 € 11,99

12-12-2016 - monday

25-03-2016 - friday

12-02-2016 - friday

Metropolis - Solitude (incl. D5 Remix)
12inch Bliq: Bliq013 remind

25-06-2015 - thursday

Ben Cohen - Voyage to Rahoz

Ben Cohen

Voyage to Rahoz

Ben Cohen’s 'Voyage to Rahoz' is dappled with esoteric references invoking the hazy contours of the ever mystical inner zones. It delves gracefully in... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq012 remind

19-02-2015 - thursday

Seixlack - Feitico



On a debut release for BLIQ, Seixlack unleashes his unique fusion of intoxicating gear-crunched cuts.

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15-07-2014 - tuesday

04-04-2014 - friday

Deemonlover - Manticore



Manticore by Deemonlover is yet another piece of enigmatic and deviant techno-constructs, a debut release from the unhallowed incognito duo. Manticore... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq09 € 9,99

23-01-2014 - thursday

Thingamajicks - Patricks Last Trip


Patricks Last Trip

The latest incarnation for Bliq comes in the form of Brazilian future primitive Thingamajicks and his lysergic quest through sound on Patrick’s Last T... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq08 € 5,99

12-07-2013 - friday

23-01-2013 - wednesday

Various Artists - Space Culture Vol.1

Various Artists

Space Culture Vol.1

Nice deep dub-infected techno tracks and a more electro orientated variant by Matti Turrunen. Recommended.

12inch Bliq: Bliq06 remind

Nicuri - Paradigms



The Paradigms of which Nicuri speaks are darkness, deliverance and determination, modal expressions delivered on three cuts of resonant electronic mus... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq05 remind

Lapien - Anvers EP


Anvers EP

From the start of this debut release from Amsterdam-based Lapien, one conceives that the young producer is conscientious. ‘Anvers’, the French name fo... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq04 remind

Ernie - Black Noise EP


Black Noise EP

Ernie unveils his special blend of timeless cuts exclusively on Black Noise EP.Burning Detroit is a voyage into the abyss through a constant stream of... more...

12inch Bliq: Blic03 remind

Lowjack - Slowjac ep (XDB remix)


Slowjac ep (XDB remix)

Deep detroit , basic channel inspired techno tracks. XDB delivers a cool bassline driven remix that goes somewhere between old chicago and more athmos... more...

12inch Bliq: Bliq02 remind