Label: Body Fusion - All

12-08-2019 - monday

Bobby Analog - BF006

Bobby Analog


Back with another 4 track ep full of the kinda house music you have come to expect from Bobby. Proto Chicago house and Italian house meets a more ambi... more...

12inch Body Fusion: BF006 € 12,99

28-03-2019 - thursday

Long Island Sound - BF005

Long Island Sound


ong Island Sound make their debut on Body Fusion with a sexy collection of deep ambient house jams dreamt up in their Berlin studio. The Dublin duo de... more...

12inch Body Fusion: BF005 € 12,99

20-11-2018 - tuesday

Bobby Analog - BF004

Bobby Analog


Bobby Analog brings the grooves once again on the latest for his own imprint Body Fusion. Pulsing, feel-good house throughout!

12inch Body Fusion: BF004 remind

04-05-2018 - friday

Bobby Analog - BF003

Bobby Analog


Bobby Analog brings the after party with number three on his own imprint Body Fusion. Essential listening to carry you through sunset to sunrise.

12inch Body Fusion: BF003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-09-2017 - friday

Bobby Analog - BF002

Bobby Analog


The second release from Bobby Analog’s Body Fusion imprint follows in the footsteps of the first with heavily swung drums, some creative sample manipu... more...

12inch Body Fusion: BF002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-12-2016 - monday

Bobby Analog - BF001

Bobby Analog


Bobby Analog launches his Body Fusion imprint with an EP of deep and disco infused house jams.

12inch Body Fusion: BF001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L