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11-06-2020 - thursday

Stephen Lopkin, Donarra - EP 1

Stephen Lopkin, Donarra

EP 1

4 sublime electronic cuts from Bokhari mainstay Stephen Lopkin and label newcomer Donnara spanning Techno, Electro and Ambient.

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari017 € 11,99

Caldera - Leafs



Four intricate, sub-heavy, broken Techno and Electro excursions into imaginary worlds.

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari018 remind

26-05-2016 - thursday

Orson Wells  - Blend

Orson Wells


Frankfurt's finest joins Bokhari with a great 90s jungle flavoured house track. Remixes come from a Pepe Braddock-eque Dorylus, and a steroid-induced... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari014 remind

26-11-2015 - thursday

Hiver / Stephen Lopkin  - Pillowhead

Hiver / Stephen Lopkin


Classy building and groovin' deeper techno tracks rooted in the mid 90's Detroit tehcno tradition.

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari013 remind

30-04-2015 - thursday

11-12-2014 - thursday

Barrut Fulsara / Joe Europe - Behrang / Out Of The Park
12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari011 € 9,99

16-10-2014 - thursday

Semerka - Tryptich Ep


Tryptich Ep

Bokhari has a bright ear for talneted producers.. here a young russian producer with lush, deep tracks that slowly build and keep the tension up. Some... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari010 € 9,99

13-06-2014 - friday

Scientific Dreamz Of U - Spatial Phase Inversion EP

Scientific Dreamz Of U

Spatial Phase Inversion EP

The ever essential Bokhari label return to showcase yet another vital new artistic talent Scientific Dreamz Of U serve up two fresh, mystical John... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari009 remind

13-03-2014 - thursday

Life Recorder / Semerka - Ep

Life Recorder / Semerka


Another strong Bokhari release! Beautiful deep house tracks with a hint to early Chicago and bits of the mid 90's IDM techno wave from the UK. Side a... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari008 remind

11-11-2013 - monday

Route 8  - Dorylus

Route 8


Beautiful retro 80's chicago tracks. Stunning quality with gorgeous melancholic strings and floating melodies. Tip!!

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari006 remind

19-07-2013 - friday

Gnork - Solar Striker (Vakula rmx)


Solar Striker (Vakula rmx)

The wonderful Bokhari label return with their fifth release Young Hungarian super talent Gnork joins the Bokhari stable with two summer beauties.... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari005 remind

24-04-2013 - wednesday

Mark E - Crossing Paths

Mark E

Crossing Paths

UK electronic music maverick Mark E on Bokhari with a couple of absolute crackers from the Merc man. primed and ready for the club this duo of hypnoti... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari004 € 9,99

25-01-2013 - friday

Igor Jadranin / Gitchell Moore - Blue Phase / Skadarlija

Igor Jadranin / Gitchell Moore

Blue Phase / Skadarlija

Igor Jadranin brings you a heavy dose of percussive, groove-laden house music, packed with tension, swirling sirens, and melodic synth stabs. The ‘for... more...

10inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari003 € 9,99

Siafu - Shrunken Head


Shrunken Head

Signed and numbered releases on this new label. 3 tracks of slower house with afro percussion and a touch of acid. Comes with a Marc E remix! Ltd to 3... more...

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari001 remind

Sweely - The Time Has Come


The Time Has Come

For our 15th release Bokhari are proud as punch to introduce 3 timeless classics from the analogue jam master Sweely.

12inch Bokhari Records: Bokhari015 remind