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25-06-2019 - tuesday

JTC - FlightSTRENS2Rd / The Assembly


FlightSTRENS2Rd / The Assembly

A group discovers a community of outsiders engaged in a ritual that invokes an inexplicable celestial event.

12inch Bopside: BOP008 € 11,49

11-07-2017 - tuesday

05-07-2016 - tuesday




Hard-hitting beats, acid, deep space melodies and a remix from Rephlex’s Ed DMX across its eight tracks. more...

2LP Bopside: BOP006 remind

07-06-2016 - tuesday

Tadd Mullinix - Skein

Tadd Mullinix


Skein represents the Michigan producer's first material as Mullinix since the 2002 album Panes for Ghostly, and comprises ''three long-form experiment... more...

LP Bopside: BOP005 € 16,99

08-12-2015 - tuesday

Charles Manier - American Manier

Charles Manier

American Manier

Tadd Mullinix returns to the lesser spotted Charles Manier avatar for the second album release on his Bopside label, and the first under this guise fo... more...

2LP Bopside: BOP004 € 14,99

15-09-2015 - tuesday

07-05-2015 - thursday

Brandon Mitchell - Waiting For A Minute

Brandon Mitchell

Waiting For A Minute

One of the rare male vocal house releases that have a nice timeless quality in the best Chicago tradition.

12inch Bopside: BOP002 € 13,99

30-09-2014 - tuesday

JTC - Escalator To Sorga EP


Escalator To Sorga EP

Not content with a rich back catalogue of releases under a plethora of monikers such as Dabrye, JTC and Charles Manier spanning multiple genres on lab... more...

12inch Bopside: BOP001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L