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Adapta - Adapta EP 3


Adapta EP 3

Third EP from Adapta aka Steve Conner, mixing production techniques old and new for the latest 4 track offering.

12inch Brutal Sunset: Brutalsun004 remind

Uexkull  - 4 Track EP


4 Track EP

Uexkull is a new project from Dave Conner. These four tracks have been selected as an introduction to his sound. Any Interpretation is left to the lis... more...

12inch Brutal Sunset: Brutalsun003 remind

Adapta - Adapta EP 2


Adapta EP 2

Killer electro dubstep hybrid with some fast paced darker electro tracks with frantic synth lines. This is the second EP of analogue sounds from Adapt... more...

12inch Brutal Sunset: Brutalsun002 remind

Adapta - Adapta EP 1


Adapta EP 1

Operating from one of the Midlands' most rejected and decaying brutalist structures, this new label is committed to vinyl releases. Raw frantic analog... more...

12inch Brutal Sunset: Brutalsun001 remind