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Dying & Barakat - Conviccion EP
12inch CLFT: CLFT002 remind

Fundamental Interaction - Utricule ep

Fundamental Interaction

Utricule ep

Londonian newcomer Fundamental Interaction's debut EP offers two monster tunes of dark sounding retroesque techno. On the B side, Lee Holman's stormin... more...

12inch CLFT: CLFT005 remind

Fundamental Interaction - Exogeneite ep

Fundamental Interaction

Exogeneite ep

After the relentless ''Utricule ep'' from last year, London artist Fundamental Interaction delivers his second release for the label. Night-birds must... more...

12inch CLFT: CLFT007 remind

3.14 - Serendipite ep


Serendipite ep

Better known as Alex p, the boss of the greek droning techno label Modal Analysis delivers here his very first EP. Don’t expect any ambient, it’s all... more...

12inch CLFT: CLFT008 remind

Binny - Shlaguance ep


Shlaguance ep

Electronic Body Techno with a touch of cosmic-retroesque Axis atmosphere

12inch CLFT: CLFT010 remind

2030 - Prescience



Long-expected, the mysterious italian producer 2030 is back on CLFT after his first and remarkable cassette album. Here - with these four tracks - com... more...

12inch CLFT: CLFT011 remind

Luis Ruiz - Baalsequent EP

Luis Ruiz

Baalsequent EP

Argentinian producer Luis Ruiz delivers here a 303% Acid EP for his debut on the label. Dah-dah-dah, gwon-gwon-gwon, ga-gyown-gyown... Caustic!

12inch CLFT: CLFT012 remind