Label: Cabaret - All

06-10-2021 - wednesday

Mr.Ho - Level Shortkut EP


Level Shortkut EP

Hong Kong artist Mr. Ho(co-founder of Klasse Wrecks) brings us 4 tracks ready for the dancefloor.

12inch Cabaret: Cabaret026 remind

09-06-2021 - wednesday

Takashi Himeoka - Wormhole EP

Takashi Himeoka

Wormhole EP

Japanese artist Takashi Himioka gives 4 tracks for the floor. Cabaret Recordings 27th release.

12inch Cabaret: Cabaret027 € 13,49

03-12-2016 - saturday

Earth People - Dance

Earth People


Classic New York house/disco from the early 90's, produced by Pal Joey... This stuf just won't die!!

12inch Cabaret: CAB010 remind

21-09-2016 - wednesday

Soho - Hot Music / Keep It Together


Hot Music / Keep It Together

Soho's Hot Music never gets boring! Super New York House Classic!

12inch Cabaret: PJM1002 remind

Beautiful People - Harmony

Beautiful People


''Harmony'' is a rich late night houser of the highest order, with it's thick bassline groove, warm chords, a strong piano line etc..''Got The Rhythm'... more...

12inch Cabaret: Cabaret 013 remind

Soho - More Hot Music


More Hot Music

Groovin' funk/jazz/house fusion tracks; rework of his classic with spaced-out flute.

12inch Cabaret: Cabaret 2003 remind

Earth People - Reach Up To Mars

Earth People

Reach Up To Mars

Re-issue of a Pal Joey classic, originally released in 1990. New York house at it best!!

12inch Cabaret: Cabaret 017 remind