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24-02-2016 - wednesday

18-02-2015 - wednesday

30-10-2013 - wednesday

Marlowe - Moonshine Heater


Moonshine Heater

Nice advance modern club tracks! The title track is a crisp and melodious piece, the mechanical groove bubbling with dubby FX and heavy synth shots ag... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza090 remind
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02-10-2013 - wednesday

Takuya Yamashita - Daybreak

Takuya Yamashita


Beautiful Detroit inspired techno release by Japanese artist Takuaya Yamashita. Timeless track with additional mixes by Kirmo Loco who probably does... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza089 remind

26-06-2013 - wednesday

Various Artists - Vagabundos 2013 part 2

Various Artists

Vagabundos 2013 part 2

A1. Luciano - Rise Of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix) B1. Kadoc - The Night Train (Julian Perez Remix) B2. House Of Gypsies (Aka Todd Terry) - Ways Of My L... more...

12inch Cadenza: CADcd11b remind

Eduardo De La Calle - Precursors Ep

Eduardo De La Calle

Precursors Ep

Having released a steady stream of vinyl 12”s on his Analog Solutions label, the Spanish DJ and producer flexes his other-worldy electronics on Lucian... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza087 remind
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15-05-2013 - wednesday

Uner  - Nagual Ep


Nagual Ep

Big melodic modern house tracks that build around the steady pace with gentle and playful melodies. Full of tension and excitement. Probably one of th... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza086 remind
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27-02-2013 - wednesday

Luciano - Cachai / Dance Unity


Cachai / Dance Unity

Bouncey tight modern house tracks that tend to go towards more trippy realms of house music

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza084 remind
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Technasia - Heart Of Flesh


Heart Of Flesh

Easy going house tracks by the former bad boys of Asian techno! Two functional tracks on Cadenza of which the second is probably the one to check with... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza078 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Reboot - Beautiful Parasite


Beautiful Parasite

''Reboot is back on the imprint with the 'Beautiful Parasite' EP, including two remixes from Robert Dietz and Cesar Merveille. Intense minimal-ish hou... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza076 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andrea Oliva - The Click Off ep

Andrea Oliva

The Click Off ep

Andrea Oliva portrays a fiercely rhythmic electronic vibe with a strong piano hook, always with a firm percussive flow and riddled with detail.

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza074 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Laps - Joyful



Cadenza's trademark big room sound. Creative vocal treatments on both tracks

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza075 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robytek Vs Shield  - Way Of Life

Robytek Vs Shield

Way Of Life

Cool 4 track ep with some little gems. Especially the a2 and b2 tracks are lovely latin driven house tracks... and not latin as in the german latin wi... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza070 € 8,99

Robert Dietz - Slinger

Robert Dietz


Percussion heavy, funky bassline fuelled modern house stompers topped with some jazzy keys. Flip side is a track version in the same vein slightly mor... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza068 remind

Mirko Loko Vs Stacey Pullen - Deux Elements

Mirko Loko Vs Stacey Pullen

Deux Elements

Swiss born Mirko Loko and Detroit innovator Stacey Pullen split the sides on the latest Cadenza release. Two modern club pieces that slowly build and... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza065 remind

Cesar Mervelle - Maayancholy (feat. Guti)

Cesar Mervelle

Maayancholy (feat. Guti)

Warm jazzy balearic house by Cesar. A beautiful and heart wrenching track by this French producer. A light and airy track twith delicate Steinway pian... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza063 remind

Ricardo Villalobos - Ach So

Ricardo Villalobos

Ach So

One of the stand out releases of Villalobos productions is back available on vinyl! Original released in 2005... there is a small repress available. C... more...

2x12inch Cadenza: Cadenza08.10 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Martinez - Mzuzu



Martinez reorganises the structure of house music: The lashing grooves cease to be the center of the tracks. Martinez moves the heartbeat of the music... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza059 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ernesto Ferreyra  - El Paraiso De Las Torugas (Luciano rmxs)

Ernesto Ferreyra

El Paraiso De Las Torugas (Luciano rmxs)

Fierce modern house tracks by another talented guy on Cadenza. Comes with a strong Luciano remix. Reliable as always!

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza058 remind

Tolga Fidan - Ballads ep

Tolga Fidan

Ballads ep

A beautifull release by Tolga Fidan with stunning house tracks that are moody and dreamy without loosing its groove. Great forward thinking tracks tha... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza057 remind

Digitaline - Okoubaka



The two track EP kicks off with 'Kaya', a track that perfectly fits the Cadenza aesthetic. Gliding throughout with an acid heavy bass line and a barra... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza055 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michel Cleis - Un Dolce

Michel Cleis

Un Dolce

On the opening track, the percussion fueled 'Litoral', brash drum patterns and a barrage of shakers make for a perfect introduction, before a sublimel... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza054 remind

Pablo Cahn / Cesar Merveille - Split ep

Pablo Cahn / Cesar Merveille

Split ep

Two massive house tunes that will set the club on fire. A-side is a proper big room tune and the flip has a more intimite atmosphere with its jazzy gr... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza053 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robert Dietz - Home Run

Robert Dietz

Home Run

Proper dj tool house on the a-side. B-side is an exciting epic track with light melodies and a long build up! Luciano knows how to find the gems!

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza052 remind

Reboot - Rambon ep  (Luciano rmx)


Rambon ep (Luciano rmx)

Reboot and Luciano doing the late 90's electronica thing and mix those influences with their trademark house grooves. kind of Funckarma, Plaid and Ket... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza050 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lucien -n- Luciano - Cuidad De Luz

Lucien -n- Luciano

Cuidad De Luz

Luciano's first release under his Lucien-N-Luciano alias since 2004. Long trippy tracks that sometimes even remind early Derrick May works. Long tripp... more...

2LP Cadenza: Cadenza049 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gavin Herlihy - Back Burner ep

Gavin Herlihy

Back Burner ep

Modern Cadenza house tools.

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza048 remind

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela  - La Tulipe Ep

Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela

La Tulipe Ep

Huge house track on side 1. Soundclips don't do justice to the long building phat grooving track that builds and becomes a monster of an latin jazz pi... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza047 remind

Mirko Loko - Seventynine (Carl Craig & Villalobos rmx)

Mirko Loko

Seventynine (Carl Craig & Villalobos rmx)

A long epic remix by Carl Craig of 12 minutes... and on the flip side Villalobos with a slowly building lush and trippy remix with fresh building groo... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza045 remind

Frivolous - C: My Consciousness (Reboot remix)


C: My Consciousness (Reboot remix)

If you thought you could put your finger on the “Cadenza sound,” think again. My Consciousness” is the anthem you never knew you were waiting for, sou... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza044 remind

Luciano - Tribute to the Sun


Tribute to the Sun

Special 3x12'' with full length versions of the album tracks. Minimalise tribalish, percussive house tracks with loads of ethnic samples influences an... more...

3x12inch Cadenza: Cadenza042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alexkid - Dubs and Echotales


Dubs and Echotales

Two stunning tracks by Fcoms Alexkid. Very exciting dubby techno tracks... but not the Basic Channel clone thing... but a crispy own brewery which we... more...

2x12inch Cadenza: CSC002 remind

Mirko Loko - Seventynine

Mirko Loko


A double pack with great hi-tech techno house tracks of Mirko Loko. Fine house music as usual on Cadenza... its a ot of tracks...but for us there is o... more...

2LP Cadenza: Cadenza038 remind

Gavin Herlihy - 26 miles

Gavin Herlihy

26 miles

Cadenza is pretty consistent at this moment with strong modern house releases of good quality. Here another one by Gavin Herlihy with thight productio... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza037 remind

Luciano & guy Gerber, lee V. Dowski & glimpse  - Versus

Luciano & guy Gerber, lee V. Dowski & glimpse


Kind of all star line up on Cadenza that created two hot smooth tracks that have a gentle chicago drive combines=d with subtile melodies and some Cade... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza036 remind

Miguel Toro - El Device

Miguel Toro

El Device

Its a big tsunami of latino flavoured house productions... here one that stands out.. nice traditional house tracks with a good groove! Usual Cadenza... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza035 remind

Michel Cleis - La Mezcla

Michel Cleis

La Mezcla

Tribalish catchy house tracks on the always reliable Cadenza label of Luciano.

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza034 remind

Argenis Brito - Imminent ep

Argenis Brito

Imminent ep

Resident in Berlin since 2004, Brito's distinctly latin interpretation of house is a step ahead of the game, with prior releases animating floors with... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza031 remind

Michel Cleis & Salvatore Freda  - Uva Fragolina

Michel Cleis & Salvatore Freda

Uva Fragolina

This Uva Fragolina EP is the powerful result of Michel & Salvatore's first musical collaboration. On A side you'll get a five star house track surroun... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza032 remind

Pikaya - Kambrium



Deep Detroitesque techno tracks that slowly build and groove and just do their thing. 2 epic and adventurous tracks of more then 10 minutes long. chec... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza017 remind

Alex Picone - Furby Floppy

Alex Picone

Furby Floppy

Alex has previously recorded for Tenax from Italy and Detroit's Mixworks. It's got a warm, spongy sub-bass cushion resting below, and some carefree me... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza027 remind

Reboot - Be Tougher, Letters


Be Tougher, Letters

Reboot, aka Frank Heinrich, the 30-year-old Frankfurt musician takes a dramatic step forward as Reboot, an alias dedicated to grooves both darkly emph... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza024 remind

Melchior Productions ltd. - Who Can Find Me

Melchior Productions ltd.

Who Can Find Me

Grooving techno-ish house grooves on the ever reliable Cadenza records

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza029 remind

Los Updates Feat.Villallobos & Dandy Jack - First If You Please Rmx By Villalobos

Los Updates Feat.Villallobos & Dandy Jack

First If You Please Rmx By Villalobos

Los Updates is the latest project from Chilean musical mastermind Jorge González together with Loreto Otero. Los Updates, a project that connects the... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza026 remind

Luciano & Qunum - Funky Dondy

Luciano & Qunum

Funky Dondy

Luciano and access 58 creating a massive organpitscher. Hit!

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza001 remind

Andre Galuzzi / Guido Schneider / Schirmacher - Albertino

Andre Galuzzi / Guido Schneider / Schirmacher


This teaming resulted in two absolute stormers, just in time for the stormy season. Two tracks for movers, not thinkers: nononsense & back-to-basics j... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza023 remind

Digitaline - Honolulu (Luciano remix)


Honolulu (Luciano remix)

Digitaline are back with a big, cresting wave of a tune, Honolulu, backed by an equally massive remix by Luciano himself. Bouncing modern house... kin... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza019 remind

Argenis Brito - Micro Mundo

Argenis Brito

Micro Mundo

Micro Mundo, Brito's first appearance on Cadenza, finds him finessing and refining his sound, honing it down to a carefully restrained groove that occ... more...

2x12inch Cadenza: Cadenza016 remind

Luciano & Bucci - Stone Age

Luciano & Bucci

Stone Age

Uptempo grooving tech-house tracks from Luciano with a touch of Detroit techno.(limited repress)

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza002 remind

Andomat3000 & Jan - L Delay

Andomat3000 & Jan

L Delay

Nice smooth House tracks with a twist on the label that brought some nice Villalobos and Loco Dice releases. Brings back the good times of solid groov... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza015 remind