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23-07-2019 - tuesday

Aki Aki - Dishjockey

Aki Aki


Lekker music served by Chef Aki, Sous Chef Rasputin and Gardemanger Kaschiel. *Sans Amuse-Gueule. Comes in cool gatefold sleeve with lyrics!

12inch candomblé: CNDMBLE04 remind

24-04-2019 - wednesday

L.S.W. - Life Style West


Life Style West

Düsseldorf's Candomblé youngsters return with their third release, this time scaling things up a notch by moving from 10'' to a full-blown album. This... more...

LP candomblé: CNDMBLE03 € 19,99

03-09-2018 - monday

Various Artists - To Style One Into

Various Artists

To Style One Into

The first one was already a success... and its successor promises just to be the same: new hot stuff from the city of Dusseldorf. Once again, versatil... more...

10inch candomblé: CNDMBLE02 remind

03-07-2018 - tuesday

Various Artists - Check Your Reality

Various Artists

Check Your Reality

We don't know what's in the water in Dusseldorf, but apparently it must be good... Latest export product from the city's lively scene is this repress... more...

10inch candomblé: CNDMBLE01 remind