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02-08-2021 - monday

Prince Ozay - Oltremare

Prince Ozay


Casa voyager lands in Napoli for the next chapter of the twr series. Prince Ozay unveils his ''method'' for surviving on the scam planet...machine lan... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR07 € 11,99

21-06-2021 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Imitated Never Duplicated

Detroit's Filthiest

Imitated Never Duplicated

The king of beats DJ Nasty aka Detroit's Filthiest strikes again on casa voyager.

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR08 remind

10-05-2021 - monday

01-02-2021 - monday

Cobert - Mexuta Misvle


Mexuta Misvle

Trans World Railways creates a new line between Casablanca and Tbilisi by welcoming Cobert - one of Georgia finest producers - for a special limited 7... more...

7inch Casa Voyager: TWR06 € 9,99

Viewtiful Joe - Squarewave Shurikens

Viewtiful Joe

Squarewave Shurikens

3 years after his first appearance on Casa Sports vol.1, Viewtiful Joe speeds the game up and delivers a tasteful blend of electro-funk inspired by th... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV07 € 11,49

14-09-2020 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Original Not Crispy

Detroit's Filthiest

Original Not Crispy

The king of beats strikes again...After his classic trilogy, Detroit's Filthiest strikes again in collaboration with casa voyager presenting a killer... more...

2x12inch Casa Voyager: TWR05 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

31-08-2020 - monday

OCB  - FM Bass Trax


FM Bass Trax

2 years after his remarkable EP The Anticlimax, Label Boss Driss Bennis is back in stores on Casa Voyager CSV06 with a massive 6 tracker under his now... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV06 remind

22-06-2020 - monday

Gary Gritness - Rollin' Zebras

Gary Gritness

Rollin' Zebras

TWR opens a new railway to France and welcomes the notorious Gary Gritness on board, that you might already know for his unmistakable cyberfunk. This... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR04 remind

10-02-2020 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Premium Content

Detroit's Filthiest

Premium Content

Detroit's Filthiest closes his past (private stock) present (prime cuts) and future (premium content) trilogy, celebrating 20 years of Motor City Elec... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR03 remind

27-05-2019 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Prime Cuts

Detroit's Filthiest

Prime Cuts

Detroit legend Dj nasty aka Detroit's Filthiest is back on Casa Voyager with his most emotional work to date. He delivers here 4 prime cuts full of de... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR02 € 10,99

06-05-2019 - monday

Kosh - Keep Hope Alive


Keep Hope Alive

Over a year after his critically acclaimed EP Null 212, Kosh strikes the stores again with a powerful five-tracker EP. This time, the Moroccan produce... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV05 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

25-02-2019 - monday

Detroit's Filthiest - Private Stock

Detroit's Filthiest

Private Stock

Trans World Railways is the new international serie curated by the casa voyager crew. First stop in motor city, with legend Detroit's Filthiest. Born... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR01 remind

26-11-2018 - monday

Various Artists - Casa Sports Vol.2

Various Artists

Casa Sports Vol.2

The second volume of Casa Voyager's compilation gathers the label's regulars OCB and Kosh, as well as two new artists: Polyswitch, coming straight fro... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV04 € 10,99

04-10-2018 - thursday

OCB - The Anti Climax


The Anti Climax

Casa Voyager is back with a diverse EP from Driss Bennis as OCB. This ep ends a remarkable first year for the moroccan imprint and gathers a large ran... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV03 remind

17-04-2018 - tuesday

Kosh  - Null 212


Null 212

After a small break and the success of 1st EP, the moroccan label Casa Voyager returns with 4 electro tracks from Kosh to feed your data fantasies. T... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV02 remind

11-07-2017 - tuesday

Kosh / Ocb / Viewtiful Joe - Casa Sports

Kosh / Ocb / Viewtiful Joe

Casa Sports

First batch of the 2019 repress is on white vinyl! Debut release of Casa Voyager, first Moroccan label exploring hidden cultural spheres in Casablanca... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: CSV01 remind

EDMX / Computor Rockers - SU Tracks / Computor Mechanic

EDMX / Computor Rockers

SU Tracks / Computor Mechanic

Ed DMX joins the casa voyager posse and for the first time, he is using his legendary computor rockers moniker on another label than his, bringing bac... more...

12inch Casa Voyager: TWR09 remind