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21-04-2020 - tuesday

Schwefelgelb - Die Stimme Drangt


Die Stimme Drangt

Self-proclaimed ''techno body music'' duo Schwefelgelb seem a neat fit with Cititrax, the Minimal Wave sub-label set up to handle contemporary electro... more...

12inch Cititrax: CITI027 remind

02-03-2020 - monday

Tornische - Interiorismo



Cititrax present the sinewy synthwave sound of Tornische, a project first showcased on label boss Veronica Vasicka's Resident Advisor mix from earlier... more...

12inch Cititrax: CITI028 € 31,99

03-05-2019 - friday

L/F/D/M - Dream Bleeds


Dream Bleeds

Cititrax is happy to announce 'Dream Bleeds', a new vinyl release by Brighton, UK based producer L/F/D/M. L/F/D/M is Richard Smith who first emerged i... more...

12inch Cititrax: CITI026 € 29,99

04-10-2018 - thursday

Buttechno - Cherskogo Drive


Cherskogo Drive

Spacious, dystopian, and wonky driving electro and 90s techno! more...

12inch Cititrax: CITI025 € 28,99

21-12-2015 - monday

Broken English Club - Suburban Hunting

Broken English Club

Suburban Hunting

It's been a delight to see Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project develop artistically over recent times, with some fine records for Jealous God and... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi018 € 34,99

21-09-2015 - monday

Broken English Club - Scars ep

Broken English Club

Scars ep

Cititrax is proud to present a 4 song EP by Broken English Club. After the strong reception of the Violence & Divinity split with Silent Servant as we... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi016 remind

19-08-2015 - wednesday

Various Artists - Tracks Volume 1

Various Artists

Tracks Volume 1

Cititrax is excited to present the first in a series of 4 song samplers showcasing the talents of some of the most innovative producers of the moment.... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi017 remind

27-11-2014 - thursday

AN-I - Gutz



An-i continues his love affair with electronics offering us three distinct slabs of throbbing machine funk. The opening track Gutz is a dense mutant h... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi015 remind

24-09-2014 - wednesday

Silent Servant / Broken English Club - Violence And Divenity

Silent Servant / Broken English Club

Violence And Divenity

Combining their influences of dance music, techno, EBM, industrial and post-punk, Silent Servant and Broken English Club offer a new breed of EBM infu... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi014 remind

02-05-2014 - friday

Further Reductions - Woodwork

Further Reductions


Mesmerizing slow industrial techno by Brooklyn duo Further Reductions consisting of Shawn O’Sullivan (Vapauteen) and Katie Rose ! Cititrax presents t... more...

LP Cititrax: Citi013 remind

13-02-2014 - thursday

Bruta Non Calculant - World In A Tear

Bruta Non Calculant

World In A Tear

Cititrax is honored to introduce Bruta Non Calculant, a new project by Alaxis Andreas G, the mastermind behind Le Syndicat Electronique and numerous o... more...

LP Cititrax: Citi012 remind

23-01-2014 - thursday

AN-I - Kino I


Kino I

An-1 is a new project from Doug Lee, Finding a perfect home on Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax. The EP sees the former NY (and now of course Berlin bas... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi011 remind
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31-07-2013 - wednesday

Kontravoid - Native State


Native State

We're happy to announce CITI006, a release by Canadian artist Kontravoid. The tracks Native State and Cut To Cleanse are exclusive 7'' only versions.... more...

7inch Cititrax: Citi006 € 7,99

16-07-2013 - tuesday

Streetwalker - Future Fusion


Future Fusion

Chicago duo Streetwalker, comprised of molecular biologist Beau Wanzer (Mutant Beat Dance/L.I.E.S) and electronic music aesthete Elon Katz (White Car/... more...

LP Cititrax: Citi007 remind

20-06-2013 - thursday

Innergaze - Mutual Dreaming


Mutual Dreaming

Minimal Wave sublabel Cititrax presents 'Mutual Dreaming' by the musical project of Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz (Steve Summers, Rhythm Based Lov... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi005 remind

The KVB - Immaterial Visions (remixes)
12inch Cititrax: Citi009 remind

Futurisk - Lonely Streets (remixes)


Lonely Streets (remixes)

This May, Minimal Wave will take an old sound in a new direction entirely, giving Futurisk’s classic ‘Lonely Streets’ a modern shake-up through a remi... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi004 € 13,99

Sylvi Foster - If Are You Master

Sylvi Foster

If Are You Master

Sylvi Foster was the brainchild of the young Domenico Ricchini (who also produced music under the pseudonyms: Bandanna, Bob Salton, Delanuà, and Joe Y... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi003 remind

Medio Mutante - Inestable ep

Medio Mutante

Inestable ep

Influenced by hip-hop, jazz, Latin freestyle and New Wave records from Europe, America and Japan, Medio Mutante wrings a mutated blend of raw and prop... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi002 remind

Z-Factor - Dance Factor


Dance Factor

Sublabel from Minimal Wave comes with an official repress wich can be considered by many to be the first full length house record ever produced - trac... more...

LP Cititrax: Citi001 remind