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Aura Fresh - Stellar Activity Cycles

Aura Fresh

Stellar Activity Cycles

Drifting, deep techno cuts, just as we like them. Limited quantities on this new CD label from Germany. more...

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Teemu T. - Entheoform

Teemu T.


Teemu Tuominen, experimental / dub techno producer from Tampere (Finland), is the first one to release on the newly formed Confineless Records. Dreamy... more...

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Mr. Cloudy - Space Of Variants

Mr. Cloudy

Space Of Variants

Mr. Cloudy (aka Sergey Barkalov) has always been amongst the top of the ''dub techno / ambient'' genre. The second release on Confineless proves he's... more...

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Aepiel - Invisible Walls


Invisible Walls

Aepiel is a dub techno, ambient & experimental music project from the UK focusing on layered drum patterns, deep ambient textures & field recordings f... more...

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SeHou - No More Lights


No More Lights

After several releases on labels like Mixx Records and Be As One, SeHou drops a varied album on Confineless. Dubstep, electronix and acid influences c... more...

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