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15-10-2018 - monday

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A - Alden Tyrell / LA-4A Split EP

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A

Alden Tyrell / LA-4A Split EP

Delft returns for the latest Split EP, the label's first since the 004 entry by Matrixxman and LA-4A. This entry pairs label head LA-4A with crew memb... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft017 remind

30-10-2017 - monday

Mor Elian - Miracle Mind Program

Mor Elian

Miracle Mind Program

Deep cerebral electro from Mor Elian following her releases on Hypercolour, Prime Numbers and Finale Sessions. Challenging and advanced forward thinki... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft016 € 9,99

12-06-2017 - monday

LA-4A - Panic



LA-4A returns to Delft for his first release on the label since last year's Phonautograph LP. The A side comprises two beatdown acid house jams, with... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft015 € 9,99

14-11-2016 - monday

Physical Therapy - DELFT 14

Physical Therapy


Tip! Powerful techno with a unique flair, staying aggressively interesting and surprising. On this Delft release, Physical Therapy continues a stellar... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft014 € 9,99

17-05-2016 - tuesday

LA-4A - Phonoautograph



Kevin McHugh returns to his Delft imprint as LA-4A for his & the label's first artist album. Phonautograph represents an artist album in its purest se... more...

2x12inch DELFT: Delft013 € 19,99

14-03-2016 - monday

Vernon Felicity - Atlantis EP

Vernon Felicity

Atlantis EP

Conforce alias Vernon Felicity with his first Delft EP, heavy with Detroit leanings and acid crackles. Killer release!!

12inch DELFT: Delft012 remind

23-11-2015 - monday

LA-4A - Triad



Delft label-boss LA-4A returns with electro and acid-tinged hardware jams.

12inch DELFT: Delft011 € 9,99

28-09-2015 - monday




Twisted acid-soaked cuts from Delft regular JPLS.

12inch DELFT: Delft010 € 8,99

22-06-2015 - monday

Vin Sol - Memory Scan EP

Vin Sol

Memory Scan EP

Following two previous appearances on the label (a collaboration with Matrixxman for Delft 004 and a remix of Alden Tyrell on 006), San Francisco's Vi... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft009 € 9,99

13-04-2015 - monday

LA-4A - Delft 008


Delft 008

Delft revisits its very first release for two fresh remixes of Delft 00X cuts from label regulars Alden Tyrell and Matrixxman. Tyrell sets about makin... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft008 remind

16-02-2015 - monday

Cause and Effect Men - Schwarzgerat 0001

Cause and Effect Men

Schwarzgerat 0001

Two shadowy figures, Cause and Effect Men present a Pynchonian mystery-weapon with rolling, growling 303 and 909 machinations, tumbling to the edge of... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft007 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-12-2014 - monday

Alden Tyrell - Acid 3 & 7

Alden Tyrell

Acid 3 & 7

Two true acid burners from Alden Tyrell! Each track is accompanied by a remix - one from label boss LA-4A and a floor-storming jacker from Vin Sol!

12inch DELFT: Delft006 remind

29-09-2014 - monday

Ambivalent - Red Ones EP


Red Ones EP

Fierce modern acid jackers by Ambivalent. First release by Delft Record's label head LA-4A under his other moniker Ambivalent. Nice!

12inch DELFT: Delft005 € 8,49

11-08-2014 - monday

LA-4A / Matrixxman - Split EP

LA-4A / Matrixxman

Split EP

Two tracks each from Delft label boss LA-4A and comrade Matrixxman with a featured appearance by Vin Sol.

12inch DELFT: Delft004 remind

07-07-2014 - monday

LA-4A - Cobalt



Delft is delivering more sick acid tunes! This time its Delft's chief LA-4A on duty and giving us some advanced modern acid jackers. We cant get enoug... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft003 € 8,49

26-05-2014 - monday

JPLS - Fall Off Distance


Fall Off Distance

Delft 002 welcomes another new name to the fold: it's been four long years since the last officially released original JPLS material but the wait was... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft002 € 8,49

24-02-2014 - monday

Matrixxman - 808 State Of Mind


808 State Of Mind

After the introductory acid dose of DELFT 00X, label founder LA-4A's Levelled EP, Delft introduces the second of its repertory players, Matrixxman. DE... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

LA-4A - Levelled



Raw analog acid-heavy tracks on this new label called DELFT. The city known for its Delfts Blauw (and the little known fact, the city where I-f record... more...

12inch DELFT: Delft00X remind