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18-08-2020 - tuesday

Von D - Hermetica

Von D


'I wrote these tunes in one of these creative moments where everything was flowing so well it felt like the tunes actually made themselves. A lot of a... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: MEDI112 remind
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14-11-2019 - thursday

Truth - 30,000 Ft Gangsters


30,000 Ft Gangsters

well balanced dubstep rhythms with the track Gangster as an absolute riddim track! Check.

12inch Deep Medi Musik: MEDi081 remind
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Compa - Narabeh



Could this be the new Mala, probaby not...however this is something special. This 2 track EP is steeped in tradition but still coming of new age. Chec... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: MEDi075 remind

Gantz  - Spry Sinister


Spry Sinister

New name and what a nice release, Spry Sinister is pure bliss; percussive wizardy and repetitive hypnotizing vocal brings you in a higher state of con... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi078 remind
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Dub Mechz - Change of Direction
12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi065 remind

Kahn - Dread



Kahn hails from Bristol and is part of the Young echo collective alongside Vessel, Zhou, El Kid & J a b u. Kahn has recorded on Punch Drunk, Idle Hand... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi064 remind
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Silkie  - Neckback



New 180 gram vinyl from Deep MEDi.

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi063 remind
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Swindle - Forest Funk ep


Forest Funk ep

Featuring two heavy hitters, Forest Funk and Belfast which erupt from where Do the Jazz left off. Swindle once again effortlessly deconstructs his fav... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi062 remind
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Kromestar & J5ive - Knowledge EP

Kromestar & J5ive

Knowledge EP

Double pack by Kromestar & J5ive ranging from bass heavy dubstep dancefloor cuts to the more layback jazzy dubstep vibe. Cool package.

2x12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi060 remind

Mala - Miracles



Mala gets the balance right... subtle moods interacting perfectly. Miracles will give you the chills..soooo soooo good. On the flip one of Mala's long... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi010 remind
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Jack Sparrow - Afraid Of Me

Jack Sparrow

Afraid Of Me

His first release on MEDi shows Jacks love of Techno and Soundsystem culture with the lead track Afraid Of Me, it intros with a heavy kick and twisted... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi059 remind
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Vivek - Out Of Reach


Out Of Reach

Out of Reach is a classic Vivek production and pure Soundsystem music already putting Vivek’s SYSTEM to the test, powerful lurching half-step groove,... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi057 remind
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Mensah - The Gambia


The Gambia

Bristol based Mensah Anderson delivers something a little different from his current output and DJ sets for his first release on Deep Medi. The Gambia... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi051 remind
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Dark Tantrums - Unborn

Dark Tantrums


There is very little known about Dark Tantrums apart from a brief appearance alongside Kromestar on their track Trianglez. The name came too most peop... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi054 remind
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Mala - Forgive / Changes


Forgive / Changes

Repressed from the archives very limited supply.

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi004 remind
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Goth-Trad - New Epoch


New Epoch

Pressed on 180 gram 3 X 12” vinyl with full length CD packed within a full colour gatefold sleeve. New Epoch is by far and away Goth-Trad’s most compl... more...

3LP Deep Medi Musik: MediLP07 remind
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Goth-Trad - Airbreaker



New Epoch, Goth-Trads debut album for the Deep Medi Musik imprint due out in February 2012, is the result of over a decade of pushing forward from the... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi053 remind
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Skream - Gritty / Phatty Drummer


Gritty / Phatty Drummer

Although some of Skream's recent productions are finding their way onto daytime radio he has always been an ambassador of hard experimental undergroun... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi047 remind
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V.I.V.E.K. - Soundman



V.I.V.E.K. just returned from remixing the Roots/Reggae classic Johnny Osbourne – ‘Fally Ranking’ and with this release we hope you have a good set of... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi052 remind

Mizz Beats - My World / The Jester

Mizz Beats

My World / The Jester

Mizz Beats previously made her presence felt on the anthemic 'Purple Love' with Silkie but asserts herself as an unique solo prospect with the unteste... more...

12inch Deep Medi Musik: Medi026 € 8,99
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