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10-01-2023 - tuesday

Tserg - Dreadfully Distinct


Dreadfully Distinct

Dutch record label and shop Deeptrax has been tirelessly pushing the boundaries between rigid funk, electro, ambient & techno since 2016 and for relea... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX033 € 12,99

17-10-2022 - monday

Suburban Knight - Hi8tus

Suburban Knight


Deeptrax go even deeper with 'Hi8tus' - the first album from Detroit pioneer and forerunner Suburban Knight in over 12 years. One of the earliest p... more...

2x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX032 € 26,99

10-10-2022 - monday

The AM - Sexworker

The AM


Empathy is the codeword when it comes to The AM's second solo EP: The 'Sexworker' EP. A short story through music and art, allowing you a moment to wa... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX031 € 12,99

07-06-2022 - tuesday

Ruffien - To Win In Silence


To Win In Silence

Limited edition, only 150 copies Essex-based producer Ruffien returns to Deeptrax with his debut album - To Win in Silence. Though made in just und... more...

LP Deeptrax: DPTX030 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

09-05-2022 - monday

Orlando Voorn - Amen EP

Orlando Voorn

Amen EP

You'd think we'd gotten used to specific compositions of sound by now. Saturated, even. But Dutch prodigy Orlando Voorn continues to break the mold! H... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-04-2022 - thursday

Ruffien - Scenic Route EP (Orlando Voorn remix)


Scenic Route EP (Orlando Voorn remix)

‘Scenic Route’ is the leading single from Ruffien’s upcoming debut album – To Win in Silence. It blends the sultry with the psychedelic - consisting o... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX028 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-01-2022 - wednesday

Tim Jackiw - Amnesia

Tim Jackiw


The Amnesia EP is a follow up to 2019’s successful ''Monuments'' LP containing 4 tracks of deep, dubby and moving aquatic housey techno. Lucid takes u... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-07-2021 - wednesday

Orlando Voorn - Vertigo EP

Orlando Voorn

Vertigo EP

Orlando Voorn is one of the most gifted Dutch producers out there. The man is well known for his many monikers and anthems like Fix - Flash, Playboy -... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX025 € 13,99

02-07-2021 - friday

05-05-2021 - wednesday

02-09-2019 - monday

Scan 7 - Between Worlds

Scan 7

Between Worlds

The limited CD release from the new Scan 7 album. Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7 with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno,... more...

CD Deeptrax: DPTX021-CD remind

19-08-2019 - monday

Scan 7 - Between Worlds

Scan 7

Between Worlds

Of indisputable +313 vintage, Scan 7 with deep roots in the rich musical heritage of Detroit techno, announce their new triple vinyl album since 20 ye... more...

3x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX021 remind

01-07-2019 - monday

Tim Jackiw  - Monuments

Tim Jackiw


The visionary Tim Jackiw from the Australian Detroit and deep house scene, announces his debut double vinyl album on Deeptrax Records. His unique aqua... more...

2x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX020 € 21,99

20-05-2019 - monday

Mr. Crux  - Staring At The Ceiling

Mr. Crux

Staring At The Ceiling

Mr. Crux a producer from a small town in the South of Wales. He's been making music as Mr Crux for about 6-7 years, mainly inspired by artists like Ty... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTJX1.2 € 9,99

06-05-2019 - monday

Sonar Base  - Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object

Sonar Base

Transmissions From Beyond Hoag's Object

For the 4th emission in the Sonar Base Transmissions series, Deeptrax Records turns back to the 2005 release on the now defunct UK label SCSI AV. Like... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX017 € 11,99

01-04-2019 - monday

Rich P & Lee  - Bloor West

Rich P & Lee

Bloor West

Bloor West, the second EP from Rich P & Lee on Deeptrax Records. Techno grooves from a talented producer. We start with 'Fruity Flute' cleverly sample... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTJX1.3 € 9,99

25-02-2019 - monday

Ruffien - N.A.D.A.



Deep introvert yet powerful groovers by Ruffien on his second Deeptrax EP. In this one, he finds a perfect balance between club and bedroom-oriented h... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX018 € 9,99

18-02-2019 - monday

Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn (Transmissions 3)

Sonar Base

We Attack At Dawn (Transmissions 3)

'We Attack Before Dawn' is the 3rd instalment in the 'Sonar Base Transmissions' series on Deeptrax created by the long standing Dutch Electro pioneer... more...

EP Deeptrax: DPTX016 € 12,99

28-01-2019 - monday

Aleks - Ground Control


Ground Control

Sci-Fi house ep named "ground control" on Deeptrax records. Heavenly septic breaks over big analogue rhythms, starting with the trippy rave vocals ove... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX014 € 11,99

30-04-2018 - monday

Rich P & Lee  - Duff Groove

Rich P & Lee

Duff Groove

Not a man of many words, this bloke from Canada who let the music do the talking. The mysterious producer Rich P & Lee will release his first EP on De... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX013 € 10,99

09-04-2018 - monday

Colophon - Heritage



For quite a while now we are supporting Bas van Vuurde a.k.a. Colophon to the fullest. The Harlem based producer is a regular in our store and after s... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX011 € 10,99

Sonar Base - Dark Matter

Sonar Base

Dark Matter

After the sublime triple 12" re-issue of the 'Sonar Bases 4-10' album on Deeptrax Records, it's now time for the second installment in the Sonar Base... more...

Mini-LP Deeptrax: DPTX012 remind

01-03-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - Deep Series 1

Various Artists

Deep Series 1

Deeptrax proudly present the first various artists sampler on Deeptrax Records called Deep Series 1. After receiving demos from artists all over the w... more...

Mini-LP Deeptrax: DPTRX1.1 remind

15-01-2018 - monday

Tserg - Forgotten Times


Forgotten Times

Deep dreamy and melancholic techno tracks by Tserg, 25-year-old producer from, Singapore. Written over a period of 4 months, Forgotten Times is about... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX010 remind

08-01-2018 - monday

Sonar Base - Sonar Bases 4 - 10

Sonar Base

Sonar Bases 4 - 10

Twenty years after the Sonar Base 4 - 10 release on the legendary Dutch record label U-Trax, it is now time for an official high quality remastered vi... more...

3x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX009 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-09-2017 - monday

Ruffien - Sanctuary



New Deeptrax release by G.W. hailing from London. This is the new fifth Deeptrax EP from the mysterious Ruffien. Immensely diverse sounds from the ca... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX005 remind

Moda - Kemo Therapy


Kemo Therapy

Moda is kicking off the new EP on the Deeptrax label (DPTX-006). Big large suburban club tracks in flashing DIY style from this already acclaimed DJ/... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX006 remind

Shedbug - End Point Constriction


End Point Constriction

Four trax for the heads and for the floor. Screaming acid with deep rhythms full of mesmerizing chords like these old Detroit warehouse vibes meeting... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX007 remind

Aleks - No More


No More

Aleks from Amsterdam/ Haarlem is hitting the new 4 track EP on Deeptrax with dope 909 patterns, bubblin deep inverted 303 basslines, electrical resona... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX008 remind

23-06-2017 - friday

Buddy Broke - Untitled

Buddy Broke


Mysterious numbered White Label from Buddy Broke. Deep and jackin’ madness with rumbling bass lines and crazy hooks combined with heavy jams reaching... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTJX1.1 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-10-2016 - friday

Coastdream - Blue



CoastDream from Brazil is the third artist on the Deeptrax label. Again a full 4 track EP, with these raw massive beats over a 90's feel, ecstatic hou... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX003 remind

Antonio - The 069 - 085 connection


The 069 - 085 connection

Antonio from Italy, Pescara, now living in Frankfurt Germany, is doing the 4th EP on Deeptrax. Heavy hitting 'tape techno' tracks, some with pace, oth... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX004 € 10,99

18-07-2016 - monday

Jupiter Jax - Urban Legends

Jupiter Jax

Urban Legends

The second release from Deeptrax, features Jupiter Jax from Malta. A deep 4 story EP containing real Detroit vibes, pushing Carl Craig, Dan Curtin and... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX002 remind

11-05-2016 - wednesday

Aleks - Smalltalk



The first release of the new Deeptrax label from The Netherlands is by Aleks. A mystic four tracker with deep and gritty grooves moving in between the... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX001 remind

Caim - Lupatan



Those lockdown silver linings continue to reveal themselves when we least expect it... As proved, once again, by the inimitable Amsterdam techno HQ De... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX034 remind