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16-11-2020 - monday

W1b0 - Heretofore EP


Heretofore EP

or our seventh reference we are pleased to present a four track bomba EP by another dutch artist: w1b0.

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Ascender EP (Cardopusher remix)

Maelstrom & Louisahhh

Ascender EP (Cardopusher remix)

French duo Maelstrom & Louisahhh, make their debut on Discos Ato?nicos with an excellent 3 tracker of metallic and twisted textures, riding between th... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT008 remind

02-03-2020 - monday

Random XS / Zero One & Allert - Reverse Deception

Random XS / Zero One & Allert

Reverse Deception

When Utrecht based acid/techno outfit Random XS resumed activity after many years of hibernation, their archive turned out to be full of unreleased re... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT006 € 12,49

Ultrastation - 4723 EP


4723 EP

There is a certain type of weird effect that is generated by strange, repetitive loops. Ultrastation, the new project of Utrecht veterans Cosmic Force... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT005 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Artificiero - Disco Tantra


Disco Tantra

We are proud to announce a new series on Discos Atónicos devoted to less frantic and more reflective sounds: (The) Tantra Series. The first volume ti... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DATOTR01 € 12,49

06-03-2019 - wednesday

Dez Williams - Running Circles

Dez Williams

Running Circles

Electro master Dez Williams joins the Discos Atónicos camp for the label's 4th installment and delivers 5 dystopian cuts infused with his signature so... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT004 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

03-08-2018 - friday

Beta Evers & Alienata - Devotion EP (Bodyvolt Remix)

Beta Evers & Alienata

Devotion EP (Bodyvolt Remix)

Discos Atonicos is proud to announce their new release: The Devotion EP a rare split 12 of the legendary queen of darkness, Beta Evers, and the founde... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-02-2018 - monday

Artificiero - Masa Negra


Masa Negra

The first release of Alienata's label is coming from Artificiero, which is the alias of Alfonso Alfonso (Murcia, Spain), an experienced musician who h... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT001 € 7,49

BS-1 - Age Of Agression


Age Of Agression

DISCOS ATO?NICOS proudly presents the label’s second release: Age of Aggression by BS-1. This new record was produced by Dutch veteran Roland van Oor... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT002 € 12,99

Various Artists - ALL STARS VOL. I

Various Artists


After a long hiatus, Discos Atónicos returns with its tenth release. Presenting a various artists EP with a focus on dark & banging electro!

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT009 remind