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14-11-2022 - monday

BufoBufo - Green Portal


Green Portal

The drugs kick in and it's time for a rampage. Arms shoot up, feet stomp down, the track shifts to another gear. An angel whispers: 'Don't stop...Don'... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT012 € 11,99

17-02-2022 - thursday

DJ Arg - Acid Inferno EP

DJ Arg

Acid Inferno EP

DJ ARG is back on Dream Ticket and once again he is Not. Fucking. Around. Four headmelters from the master himself that traverse breaks, house, techno... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT011 remind

29-11-2021 - monday

Pearl River Sound - Daydreaming EP

Pearl River Sound

Daydreaming EP

Dream Ticket continues its explorations of acid's deepest waters, this time with a splash of braindance courtesy of Robert Semeraro aka Pearl River S... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT007 € 15,99

Various Artists - Tetrarchy

Various Artists


Dream Ticket celebrates 10 releases on this planet with a VA matching old label favourites with fresh new blood.

12inch Dream Ticket: DT010 remind

26-03-2020 - thursday

18-10-2019 - friday

Ryan James Ford - Eastern Exposure

Ryan James Ford

Eastern Exposure

Dream Ticket is back with a barrage of sonic bliss from SHUT boss Ryan James Ford. His is a futuristic vocabulary transmitted from a quarter century a... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT005 € 11,99

26-04-2019 - friday

The Wee DJs - 3 Waves

The Wee DJs

3 Waves

This is a clear-cut case of big things coming in small packages: on the A, both slices of elegant pressure level up mid-track into their evolved forms... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT004 remind

21-12-2018 - friday

Binary Digit - 38490 Electronics

Binary Digit

38490 Electronics

Joyous electro-braindance-acid hardware wonkouts, straight outta Grenoble. Binary Digit follows a string of cassette-only releases with a vinyl debut... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT001 remind

18-12-2018 - tuesday

Transonic Flow - 4th Dimension

Transonic Flow

4th Dimension

Frankfurt duo Transonic Flow fly at the speed of sound on this six-shooter for Dream Ticket, giving the label 3 for 3 in 2018. The furious salvos of '... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT003 € 11,99

25-07-2018 - wednesday

Binaural - Mescla



Computer says 'mmm!' to this electro 5-tracker from Binaural, the second release on Lisbon label Dream Ticket. Jasper de Jong serves up big portions o... more...

12inch Dream Ticket: DT002 remind