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Boris Divider - Surface

Boris Divider


his release is the logical step after ''Aeon'', this time it evolves to a stage where old and new merge together, ''Surface'' has the typical sequenti... more...

12inch Drivecom: DCOM015 remind

Boris Divider - Aeon

Boris Divider


''Inspired in the past but rearranged in the future. This reference on Drivecom is a tribute for all those sequential electronic Music and synth pione... more...

12inch Drivecom: Dcom014 remind

Boris Divider - The Source

Boris Divider

The Source

Six years after the first album, Boris Divider presents the follow-up on his own Drivecom imprint. Energetic electro like you know from this man! more...

2x12inch Drivecom: DCOM013 remind

Boris Divider - Electronics

Boris Divider


When we hear the word ''biomechanic'' in electronic music there are not too many names that reflects this sound and vision as Mr. Divider's production... more...

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Boris Divider - Dark Robot Forces

Boris Divider

Dark Robot Forces

Excellent electro release from Spain's Boris Divider.

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Boris Divider - L.H.D.M. Remixes

Boris Divider

L.H.D.M. Remixes

Umwelt, Larry McCormick and Boris Divider himself remix 3 tracks from the outstanding ''La Hora De Las Maquinas'' album!

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Dark Vektor - Net Addikted

Dark Vektor

Net Addikted

Under the name of Dark Vektor, Ivan Arnau transports us towards an atmospheric and melodic Electro, rich in pads and synth lines, surrounded by Europe... more...

12inch Drivecom: DCOM006 remind

Boris Divider - Remote Operator

Boris Divider

Remote Operator

Limited serie of electro ep's. This first one has some dark and intense electro tracks. Two rawer brutal cuts a little bit in the vein of Ultradyne an... more...

12inch Drivecom: DCOMLTD001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - Micro Driver II


Micro Driver II

The awaited second part featuring including different artists and styles of electro. from the USA to Croatia, thru Spain and Italy the scene is growin... more...

12inch Drivecom: DCOM008 remind

Boris Divider - La Hora De Las Maquinas

Boris Divider

La Hora De Las Maquinas

Analog machine-electro with dark / biomechanical textures and Spanish vocoders... For all you lovers of the Satamile-sound. more...

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