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26-07-2018 - thursday

Quarion - Cobblestone EP


Cobblestone EP

Quarion is back on Drumpoet with an enchanting new EP that leaves nothing to be desired. Cobblestone takes the dancer on a deep sensual journey, build... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC069-1 € 9,99

04-05-2018 - friday

John Daly - I Keep On Wanting You / Progress

John Daly

I Keep On Wanting You / Progress

John Daly is without a doubt one of the most influential artists of deep Dub-House. The Irish man’s music has an unique and truly original trademark s... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC068-1 € 9,99
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17-08-2016 - wednesday

Fred Everything - Winter Tones Ep

Fred Everything

Winter Tones Ep

He is back with yet another classic! Winter Tones is one of them nasty, jacky house grooves, topped with emotional synths and a hook which is pushing... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC062-1 € 9,99

22-06-2016 - wednesday

Look Like  - B.A.B.E. Ep

Look Like

B.A.B.E. Ep

From melodic Detroit influenced techno to functional club tunes and Jack injected Techno. Great versatile ep with B! Phone Interference as favorite tu... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP057-1 remind

Ripperton Presents Headless Ghost - Dirtee Grooves EP

Ripperton Presents Headless Ghost

Dirtee Grooves EP

What can you say about Ripperton, since more than a decade he provides some of the best grooves around and has worked himself into the top league of p... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC063-1 € 9,99

04-05-2016 - wednesday

Pacifica - Memory Man


Memory Man

The second EP from Zurich based Pacifica is featuring their new song „Memory Man“, a trippy journey combining folk and future house. On top this EP fe... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC061-1 € 9,99

16-03-2016 - wednesday

Jack Pattern - Pontelocco EP

Jack Pattern

Pontelocco EP

Jack Pattern is a trio from Zurich, dedicated to analog soundmachines and producing intergalactic sounds and grooves as well as DJing here and there.... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC059-1 € 9,99

14-12-2013 - saturday

Washerman - Raw Poet


Raw Poet

Peak time modern house cuts with 90's aesthetics. Powerful tracks on the reliable Drumpoet Community label.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC045-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-11-2011 - thursday

CCO - The Ruling Ideas


The Ruling Ideas

Four track ep with a nice blend of early Detroit techno, chicago sounds and bits of acididc basslines combined with calssic drum programming. Retro-is... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC038-1 remind

30-09-2010 - thursday

John Daly - Big Piano

John Daly

Big Piano

The man from Ireland is back with an emotive EP featuring 4 variations of deepness! Great!

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC033-1 remind

Jayson Bros - The Game ep

Jayson Bros

The Game ep

The Brothers are back after their well received MCDE release. More of that edgy house sound that we know of the Drumpoet Community.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC029-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Drumpoems Verse 2 EP 2

Various Artists

Drumpoems Verse 2 EP 2

the second 12'' single taken from the Drumpoems Verse 2 compilation. It features 2 new versions and an exclusive track as well as Kawabata's Feelin'it... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC030-1 remind

Wah-Chu-Ku - T Times Too


T Times Too

Tony Nwachukwu is the mastermind behind Attica Blues on the legendary Mo'Wax label and has produced wonderful music which is still timeless. Now he go... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Soultourist - Fo-Eva EP


Fo-Eva EP

The ''Fo Eva EP'' is a timeless beauty with different shades. The title track is a booty bouncing dubhouse tune, which is reducing to the max to let t... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC024-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dplay - browse



The Drumpoet Community releases just keep on coming! This time Dplay's turn. After a very good release on Running Back he's back with yet another dam... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC023-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Daly - This is a lonely beat

John Daly

This is a lonely beat

Ireland's very talented john daly (feel music, plak, wave music) is a long-time dj and vinyl enthusiast, these days playing a mixture of extra deep ho... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC022-1 remind

Cavalier - Ride 'Em EP


Ride 'Em EP

Welcome to the latest 12“ of Drumpoet which is coming by Agnes (Sthml Audio) who appears for this EP under his Cavalier moniker. On the „Ride Em EP“ h... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC019-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ray Okpara - Swimming To The Moon

Ray Okpara

Swimming To The Moon

Ray Okpara, closely connected to the up and coming labels Cecille and Oslo, newest breed in house music. Now he has hooked up with Drumpoet for a sizz... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC018-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Willie Graff & Tuccillo - When The Sun Goes Down

Willie Graff & Tuccillo

When The Sun Goes Down

Willie Graff, resident of NYC club Cielo, is back with his second release on Drumpoet, this time together with Tuccillo. Willie Graff spends his summe... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC017-1 remind

Langenberg - Judgement Day


Judgement Day

It seems that the last few 12''es on Drumpoet created a big buzz on the dancefloors of this planet. And the story continues with a fresh and promising... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC016-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion - The Workout


The Workout

Building tracks with classy driving bass lines. Reminding us very much of old Blake Baxter track with wispering male vocals.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC015-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Manuel Tur & DPlay - Deviate / Mild Pitch

Manuel Tur & DPlay

Deviate / Mild Pitch

Manuel Tur who’s also known for his works on Freerange Records belongs to Germany’s promising talents when it comes to house music. With his recent re... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP014-1 remind

V/A - Drumpoems - Verse 1


Drumpoems - Verse 1

Welcome along to the first Drumpoet compilation entitled “Drumpoems Verse 1″. This teasing 4 track EP combines the previously unreleased tracks... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP012-1 remind

Kawabata - Persuasion (serafin rmx)


Persuasion (serafin rmx)

Dubby and reduced house tune with an irresistible groove. n the flip-side there’s a stunning remix by Serafin of Mountain People fame. Serafin delieve... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC013-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sascha Dive - DEep

Sascha Dive


Germany's Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes Records) with a superb debut EP for Drumpoet, delivering the percussive track 'Annihilating Rhythm', exploring the l... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP011-1 remind

Dj Pippi vs Willie Graff - hyper Space

Dj Pippi vs Willie Graff

hyper Space

Ibiza DJ Pippi has hooked up with promising talent Willie Graff for ''Hyper Space''. Top deep house on Drumpoet Community.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP010-1 remind

Quarion - Karasu (Deetron & Crowdpleaser remixes)


Karasu (Deetron & Crowdpleaser remixes)

Hot new Detroit techno influenced remixes by DEETRON (Music Man) and Crowdpleaser (Mental Groove).

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP009-1 remind

The Lost Men - The Return

The Lost Men

The Return

With ''The Return'' The Lost men produce a very unique and personal view on house and techno music. 3 smooth tech/house tracks on the quality Drumpoet... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC008-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Manuel Tur & DPlay - Rest Your Senses

Manuel Tur & DPlay

Rest Your Senses

''Rest Your Senses'' is an euphoric early morning anthem, ''Lobata'' is pure deep house bliss, pushing the boundaries for a fresh and innovative new h... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP007-1 remind

Soultourist - Turn Loose


Turn Loose

Soultourist is a collective of four producers from Zurich. Their understanding of Soul, House and Techno is unusual for their age and their skills are... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP006-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thabo - Take Root / Barcelona


Take Root / Barcelona

Soultourist member Thabo delivers two deep yet bouncing and ecstatic tracks rooted in classic Detroit techno, but created with today's production twis... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP005-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Soultourist - Yeah!



Deep state of the art house and technosoul from this hot new label from Zurich.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC003-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion - Karasu



The 4th DPC release comes from Geneva's Ianeq (Get Physical, A Few Among Others, Mental Groove) who goes by the name Quarion here. ''Karasu'' is a ver... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC004-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Foster - Loud Minority ep


Loud Minority ep

Brand new joint venture of Compost and Zurich’s Drumpoet Community. Three tracks for all fans of Innervisions - high definition house, rave funk & b-b... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC001-1 remind

Kawabata - Kadena



Two tracks somewhere in between disco, Lil Louis, Detroit and minimal Dixon/Âme house...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC002-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L