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08-12-2014 - monday

Brian May - Turkey Shoot

Brian May

Turkey Shoot

The notorious 1982 Australian film, Turkey Shoot (Also known as Escape 2000 in the US and Blood Camp Thatcher in the UK) has long been considered the... more...

LP Dual Planet: DUAL010LP € 24,99

Andrew Thomas Wilson - The Chain Reaction

Andrew Thomas Wilson

The Chain Reaction

Composed by unsung composer Andrew Thomas Wilson, the soundtrack is a forgotten piece of 1980s electronic film scoring. A clash between driving electr... more...

LP Dual Planet: DUAL011LP € 24,99
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13-11-2014 - thursday

Teisco - Musiche De Teisco


Musiche De Teisco

Musiche De Teisco, a compilation of mind bending electronics drawing from three obscure library albums: firstly, the Cosmic classic, Fly In 5° Dimensi... more...

LP Dual Planet: DUAL003LP € 29,99

Teisco - D.O.C.



Issued alongside the compilation Musiche de Teisco, the Dual Planet label offers another piece of the mysterious cosmic puzzle of electronic library m... more...

LP Dual Planet: DUAL004LP € 24,99

Aminadav Aloni - Once

Aminadav Aloni


From the bizarre Polish-cinema-inspired imagery of the album's artwork to the private-press aesthetics of the original LP, the Once soundtrack has lon... more...

LP Dual Planet: DUAL012LP remind