Label: Dynamics of Acid - All

28-03-2022 - monday

Moy / Zodiac Childs - Ratufa / Overstep

Moy / Zodiac Childs

Ratufa / Overstep

Moy and Zodiac Childs join forces to create a mighty fine EP! Expect bass heavy breakbeat with a fusion of acidic braindance..

12inch Dynamics of Acid: DO303-002 remind

10-09-2021 - friday

Moy - Initial Singularity EP


Initial Singularity EP

Having released a slew of mind altering acid on Batrachian, Exalt, Emotec and Altered Sense, the amount of fire MOY can produce within a 12 month peri... more...

12inch Dynamics of Acid: DO303-001 remind