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Mitchell Akiyama - Meridial

Mitchell Akiyama


Pan sonic, Ratser-Noton, Basic Channel like minimalistics by this talented Canadian..

12inch Eat This Records: ETR010 € 8,00

Loden - A Better Landing


A Better Landing

Pure sweet warm electronica in the vein of Boards of Cananda. Two tracks on this 7''.

7inch Eat This Records: ETR013.1 remind

V/A - Raginakudo part 1


Raginakudo part 1

EOG/Funckarma/ Legowelt (DUB and Bunker) and Endorphin giving this new label an injection with some cool tracks in there own style!

12inch Eat This Records: ETR002 remind

Quench - Exclude



Quench with its 2nd CD release (Hi-tech advance electronica).

CD Eat This Records: ETR009CD € 15,99

V/A - Kaihoisa Pt. 3


Kaihoisa Pt. 3

3rd part of the Kaihoisa series on clear vinyl.. Tracks from L'usine, Gosub, Mitchell Akiyama and Math.. Modern electronica..!!

12inch Eat This Records: ETR006c/d remind

Endorphins - Discipline



Classic idm electronica with raw energetic distorted (break) beats and soft melancholic melodies.. This release comes with all kind of gadgets like a... more...

LP Eat This Records: ETR011 remind

V/A - Raginakudo part 2


Raginakudo part 2

Swap (MAS), L'usine (Isophlux), Quench (Dub), and Gimmick all gave one very cool track for this comp. Great modern elcectronica ! Tip!!

12inch Eat This Records: ETR003 remind

Endorphins - Dedication



Nice ep with raw electronix with the most beautyfull sounds and relaxed atmosphere. Nice one again for the Eat this label!

12inch Eat This Records: ETR004 remind

D'enborage / Tronikgatan - Kaihoisa

D'enborage / Tronikgatan


Again a very nice release. 2 dark melangolic experimental/idm tracks. Limited 10'' of 500.

12inch Eat This Records: ETR006a remind

Endorphins - Dedication



lp including a Cdr. Various modern electronica album with cool danceable tracks to more moody advanced stuff (incl rmx by Funckarma).

12inch Eat This Records: ETR005 remind

Orgue electronique/Legowelt - Kaihoisa 2

Orgue electronique/Legowelt

Kaihoisa 2

Electro disco 7'' release.. Limited!!

12inch Eat This Records: ETR006b remind

Loden - Valeen Hope


Valeen Hope

This album was produced over a period of 14 months between Brussels and Amsterdam. What we have is a collection of twelve songs with rays of early 90s... more...

CD Eat This Records: Etr014cd € 15,99