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08-03-2019 - friday

Phase90 - Infinitati [Intrusion Dubs]


Infinitati [Intrusion Dubs]

Intrusion (cv313/echospace) reworks of Phase90's, ''Infinitati'' an album Boomkat hailed as, ''a place to dip your toes in Deepchord/Echospace's ocean... more...

12inch Echospace: ECHOSPACEDUBS01 remind

04-07-2018 - wednesday

Radius - Obsolete Machines (Stage Two)


Obsolete Machines (Stage Two)

This marks the first new vinyl release from Echospace [Detroit] this year with all the content lovingly re-mastered in Echospace, Detroit, USA & cut @... more...

2x12inch Echospace: ECHOSPACEDETROITRDS-LP2 remind

09-11-2017 - thursday

Radius - Obsolete Machines


Obsolete Machines

An unreleased classic from the vaults emerges with beautiful reshapes by cv313 (recorded and reshaped from 2007-2016). more...

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17-08-2016 - wednesday

CV313 - Beyond The Clouds / Beyond The Sequence [Live in Japan]


Beyond The Clouds / Beyond The Sequence [Live in Japan]

Beyond the Clouds'' was recorded from a live session near the heart of Detroit using hand crafted modular synthesizers, analog devices and custom made... more...

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08-06-2016 - wednesday

Echospace / Michael Mantra - Sea Shell City

Echospace / Michael Mantra

Sea Shell City

DeepChord and Echospace started off as barely more than a rumor supported mostly by the continous scarcity of their records. The duo comprised of Detr... more...

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Variant - Sequential Sleep [ver1.0]


Sequential Sleep [ver1.0]

Sequential Sleep is an ambient two-part CD release made for dreaming, a sonic travelogue set in multiple locations within a winter forest. Everything... more...

2xCD Echospace: EchoSEQCD1 € 29,99

07-04-2016 - thursday

CV313 - Seconds To Forever [reshapes]


Seconds To Forever [reshapes]

The first twelve-inch of the year from e c h o s p a c e features epic reworks of cv313's now classic, ''Seconds To Forever'' released back in 2010. T... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo018 remind

18-12-2015 - friday

Variant - Vortexual (Element Three)


Vortexual (Element Three)

Out of [element two] imparts [element three]. Re-synthesis, through this process, constitutes transitions into the deepest expanse of space. Sounds... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-3 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Zero)


Vortexual (Element Zero)

The inception of the vortexual series, [element zero] hones in on the most primitive forms of synthesis, methodical minimalism. This is an omniscient... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-0 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Four)


Vortexual (Element Four)

[element four] Finds itself drifting somewhere into the abstract, not quite ambient nor dub, instead, a unique divide of the two. For the mind, spirit... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-4 remind

09-12-2015 - wednesday

05-06-2015 - friday

15-01-2015 - thursday

Deepchord - Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side


Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side

Limited Edition, 1 sided release with the lost D side of Deepchord's now classic 'Electro Magnetic Dowsing' originaly appeared as 3 different 12' sing... more...

12inch Echospace: EMD01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-12-2014 - monday

17-11-2014 - monday

CV313 - Dimensional Space


Dimensional Space

Triple LP Marking The Much-Anticipated Return Of Echospace To Vinyl. Design & Screenprinted Sleeves By House of Traps. Exclusive & Never Before Releas... more...

3x12inch Echospace: CV313LP remind

CV313 - Dimensional Space


Dimensional Space

First cv313 project album from critically acclaimed duo Deepchord Presents: Echospace (Rod Modell & Steven Hitchell). Features released and unreleas... more...

2xCD Echospace: EchoCD313-4 remind

Deepchord - 10/11/12



The long out of print deepchord catalog has since been remastered and will finally be available again on this gorgeous triple LP set. For those who do... more...

3x12inch Echospace: EchoArcLP02 remind

Deepchord - 07/08/09



We're pleased to introduce the launch of echospace [detroit] archival editions. A special edition series focused on the rare, historical works of deep... more...

3x12inch Echospace: EchoArcLP01 remind

Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On & On

Brock Van Wey

White Clouds Drift On & On

Vinyl press of cult ambient album from unabashedly private & poignant artist. This could be the soundtrack to an endless freefall, a restless sleep, o... more...

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Deepchord Presents: Echospace - Silent World (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Deepchord Presents: Echospace

Silent World (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

First new album from the Echospace duo since the critically acclaimed 'Liumin' double album on Manchester's beloved Modern Love imprint. The sonic str... more...

3x12inch+CD Echospace: EchoLP313-2+CD remind

Various Artists - Altering Illusions
4LP Echospace: EchoLP313-1/Cross06lp remind

CV313 - Standing Still


Standing Still

Long awaited new release on Echospace and the last remaining 12'' from the cv313 series. 160 Gram Crystal Clear 12''

12inch Echospace: Echo013 remind

CV313 - Seconds To Forever
12inch Echospace: Echo012 remind

CV313 - Subtraktive (Deepchord Presents: Echospace (Live) Dub)


Subtraktive (Deepchord Presents: Echospace (Live) Dub)

Echospace are proud to announce the third ep from the forthcoming cv313 album, dimensional space. More 4/4 number culled from Deepchord presents: Echo... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo011 remind

CV313 - Infinit 1


Infinit 1

Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Each copy is hand numbered and comes in a silk screened sleeve. 160g, heavyweight vinyl. This is the second single c... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo010 remind

STL - Check Mate


Check Mate

STL's productions are like fine wine. They develop, mature and get better with age. His past releases have gained support and charts from Detroit lum... more...

12inch Echospace: EchoSeq001 remind

CV313 - Sailingstars



Its been over 2 years since cv313's debut 12'' - ''Dimensional Space'' hit the shelves which literally took the immersive atmospheric sound of Echospa... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo009 remind

Variant - The Setting Sun


The Setting Sun

Steve Hitchell delivers a serious treat for his legion of devoted followers with the next logical step in the Echospace saga leading to this digital o... more...

CD Echospace: EchoAirCD02 remind

Brock Van Wey - White Clouds Drift On And On

Brock Van Wey

White Clouds Drift On And On

White clouds drift on and on.. and so does this CD. BvDub with a full length double cd.. one with original racks, two with remixes by Intrusion. Labe... more...

2xCD Echospace: EchoAirCD01 remind

Sons Of The Dragon - The Journey Of Qui Niu (CV313 & SQX remixes)

Sons Of The Dragon

The Journey Of Qui Niu (CV313 & SQX remixes)

Son's of the Dragon debuted last year on a mysterious white double vinyl. This cv313 rework plays off the original version but adds a low end throb so... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo313le-2 remind

Intrusion - The Seduction Of Silence


The Seduction Of Silence

This is the first studio album from Stephen Hitchell since he paired up with Rod Modell as Echospace on the critically acclaimed ''The Coldest Season'... more...

CD Echospace: EchoCD313-3 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Intrusion / CV313 - Intrusion Dub (Phase90 Unreleased Mix)

Intrusion / CV313

Intrusion Dub (Phase90 Unreleased Mix)

While the A side has a more dancefloor approach with a steady beat evolving around some deep chords and subbassline the B side offers more smooth text... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo008 remind

Model 500 - Starlight remixes

Model 500

Starlight remixes

Mike Huckaby and Intusion remixing this classic model 500 release! Mike Huckaby serves up a floor burning epic with his S Y N T H mix. It opens up wit... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo313le remind

Model 500 - Starlight

Model 500


Remastered original from the Godfather, Creator and Pioneer of electronic music, Juan Atkins as Model 500. This classic masterpiece titled Starlight w... more...

CD Echospace: EchoCD313-2 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Deepchord - Vantage Isle Sessions


Vantage Isle Sessions

Vantage Isle consists of a whopping 13 takes of the title track, reworked by Modell and Hitchell in various guises (cv313, Deepchord, Echospace, Space... more...

CD Echospace: EchoCD313-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Deepchord presents - Intrusion / Reflection

Deepchord presents

Intrusion / Reflection

An organic variation of selected waveforms processed through select resistors, analog modulators and vintage VCO's much in the spirit of King Tubby's... more...

2x12inch Echospace: Echo007 remind

Deepchord - Grandbend



''Grandbend'' was considered by many to be the dreamiest and deepest track from the Deepchord catalogue. A classic example of the sound that DC define... more...

2x12inch Echospace: Echo005 remind

Deepchord - Intrusion



The deepest of Detroit Techno!! Awesome album and limited!!

12inch Echospace: EchoCD001 remind

Echospace - Spatial Dimension


Spatial Dimension

First Echospace single since ''The Coldest Season'' dropped on Modern Love. If you liked cv313's ''Dimensional Space'', this is he perfect sequel. Dee... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo006 remind

Model 500 - Starlight remixes

Model 500

Starlight remixes

Echospace, Deepchord & Convextion remixes of ''Starlight'', a deep, dubby & dreamy technotrack by the master Juan Atkins, taken from the '95 Model 500... more...

2x12inch Echospace: Echo004 remind

Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Soultek & Deepchord mixes)

Claude Vonstroke

Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Soultek & Deepchord mixes)

Two deep & dubby techno remixes of Vonstroke's clubhit. Higly limited, pressed on several shades of vinyl, hand packaged. Superb!

12inch Echospace: Echo003 remind

CV313 - Dimensional Space


Dimensional Space

Set to follow the sublime 2x12'' ''Vantage Isle'' by DeepChord, this is a new anonymous project on Rod Modell & Soultek's Echospace imprint coming out... more...

12inch Echospace: Echo002 remind

Deepchord - Vantage Isle


Vantage Isle

2 x 12'' and a colored bonus 7''. Written & produced by Rod Modell & Mike Schommer in Detroit for their incredible performance at the Detroit Electron... more...

2x12inch Echospace: Echo001 remind