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03-05-2019 - friday

Intrinsic - Firewalls



Steven Tang's Emphasis returns with the reclusive Intrinsic on Firewalls. ''Firewalls'' builds soulfully techno syncopated synths & rhythms while the... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: EMP019 € 12,99

07-02-2017 - tuesday

Misguided - Junk Habit


Junk Habit

Tang breaks out a little-used alias, transmitting from the concrete jungle, audio hallucinogens changes thoughts. The ''habit'' is a subtle rumbling b... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp018 € 14,99

05-07-2016 - tuesday

13-10-2015 - tuesday

Chicago Skyway  - Empty Patterns

Chicago Skyway

Empty Patterns

''Empty Patterns'' is a collection of tracks named after empty, programmable user patterns founds in most modern sequencers, synthesizers, and drum ma... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp016 € 11,99

19-05-2015 - tuesday

16-12-2014 - tuesday

Tapirus - Enlightenment



Hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Dutch artist, Tapirus a.k.a Charlton Ravenberg is no stranger to the dance music scene. Having recorded 2 si... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp014 remind

Obsolete Music Technology - Incite

Obsolete Music Technology


Track from ''Thoughts From Chicago Vol. Three'' 7'' (Eargasmic) gets a rearrange by Tang, & a Dubbyman remix. A mid tempo goover called ''Slight'' rou... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp013 remind

Steve Tang - Since The accident

Steve Tang

Since The accident

New Steve Tang! Tang recreates a track he imagines he heard at the ''Since The Accident!'' party, in the 80s. 303 bass over 707 drums. Also includes a... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp012 remind

Obsolete Music Technology - Mmmmmusic

Obsolete Music Technology


Following up the well received Relapse EP on Machining Dreams, DJ producer Steven Tang presents Mmmmmusic”under his Obsolete Music Technology moniker... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp011 remind

Steven Tang - Windy City

Steven Tang

Windy City

The first 12 by Steven Tang on his own label from 1998. Lush and deep tracks that sound timeless.

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tang - Bass Synergy


Bass Synergy

With releases on Aesthetic Audio, Machining Dreams, Eargasmic, Chicago DJ/producer Steven Tang had left his label, Emphasis Recordings on hiatus. Its... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp010 remind

Steven Tang - Nightfall ep

Steven Tang

Nightfall ep

Not new, but new to us! In 1998, Tand started Emphasis Recordings with this ultra deep, timeless EP. As he continues to rise after releases on labels... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp003 remind

E.S.O.M. - Life Form


Life Form

a side is Space age jack track that represents the future/past we envisioned of the Chicago/Detroit dance music style. B-side is more deeper Detroit o... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp009 € 9,99

Obsolete Music Technology - Evening Star

Obsolete Music Technology

Evening Star

Producer/DJ Steven Tang in sophomore effort under Obsolete Music Technology alias. Thick pads, atmospheric strings and rumbling basslines for the soul... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp008 remind

Tang - Ominous



Nice deep detroit techno from Steven Tang. Here you get the original 9 min. version, plus a Arne Weinberg remix. Plus two other track. Our favorite i... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp007 remind

Obsolete Music Technology - My Neurosis

Obsolete Music Technology

My Neurosis

Steven Tang returns w/new 12'', and a new persona. A bit less minimal and a bit more of the future-retro jack vibe aided and abetted by a nifty remix... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp006 remind

Intrinsic - Dream Express


Dream Express

A Chicago native, Parrish Adams a.k.a. Intrinsic, provides two dubbed out minimal tunes on this artist's debut 12'' single.''Dream Express'' starts of... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp005 remind

TANG - Machine Oriented ep


Machine Oriented ep

This time, with the DJ in mind, Tang has produced an ep geared for dancefloors! The single starts off with ''Horizons'', a Tech-House number that come... more...

12inch Emphasis Recordings: Emp004 remind