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CCO - Space Race EP


Space Race EP

Contra Communem Opinionem shortly CCO, own name Florin Buchel is the pure acid lover from Zurich. He has debuted on Mathematics records in 2008 and si... more...

EP Endless Illusion: ENDILL005 remind

D'Marc Cantu - Hypnopompic

D'Marc Cantu


As the world collapses, dragging its unwilling inhabitants into insanity, a few things, fortunately, remain true. The man who's contributed to the dev... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL010 remind

Daniel Araya / Marcos Cabral - Split 02

Daniel Araya / Marcos Cabral

Split 02

The second release in Endless Illusion's series of Split EPs comes from Marcos Cabral & Daniel Araya and features two tracks from each artist. New Yor... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL011 € 9,99

Dircsen - Encounter



A German cooperation. The still quite undiscovered Dircsen has delivered three diverse tracks, ready for all occasions. Credit 00, rolling stone of th... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL008 remind

Endfest - Nightlife At The Forest Edge


Nightlife At The Forest Edge

Born in the forest, living on the edge. Utrecht based Endfest delivered solid serving of the fat beef. Very fair four tracker full of freaked out melo... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL007 remind

Exhausted Modern & Aliver - Hoax EP

Exhausted Modern & Aliver

Hoax EP

Having worked together as "Thrinax" in the past, Prague's duo Exhausted Modern & Aliver collected their solo material for Endless Illusion's second wh... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILLW002 € 9,99

Fotoplastikon - Kontury



Poland, early 80's. Lieutenant Miosz Szwajcer is assigned to the young student's murder case. Struggling with his personal life and unclear releations... more...

LP Endless Illusion: ENDILLP01 € 14,99

Ideomatic - Korperkontrol



Prague's Endless Illusion is stepping up with very first 12" release, debut EP from French producer IDEOMATIC with remix by Kid Machine. Strongly infl... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL001 remind

Layup - Functionalism



After critically well-received full length album "Black Gap" on Atlanta based Body Control records, Layup is continuing with full-fledged vinyl releas... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILLW001 € 11,99

Mama Bubo - Planeta Haj

Mama Bubo

Planeta Haj

Czechoslovakian band Mama Bubo was founded by Karel Babuljak in 1982; he put together five friends that he trusted. Having been more or less groping i... more...

2LP Endless Illusion: JUP002 remind

Omnibus - Israels / Rhythmus (1980 - 1985)


Israels / Rhythmus (1980 - 1985)

The Omnibus Band was founded by Jarda Zajpt and Petr Dikan in 1979 in Czechoslovakia. Having met at the Electronic High School, electronics was their... more...

2LP Endless Illusion: JUP001 € 25,99

Stephen Lopkin / DimDJ - Split ep

Stephen Lopkin / DimDJ

Split ep

ENDILL006 goes split. Scottish Stephen Lopkin and Greek DimDJ have delivered quality Detroit informed house tunes straight for the floors, except "Gra... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL006 remind

Various Artists - Human Abstracts Vol. 1

Various Artists

Human Abstracts Vol. 1

Having collaborated over the years in several projects, Endless Illusion and brokntoys join forces for a trilogy of EPs to showcase unique talent acro... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL012/BT36 € 11,99

Zarkoff - Pioneers



Zarkoff (Sasa Rajkovic) is Croatian musician and sound engineer that has been busy making proper sound of dozens labels and doing his own music last t... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL009 remind