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07-02-2020 - friday

Toni Moralez - Nawty Trax EP 2

Toni Moralez

Nawty Trax EP 2

*Repress* Do you wanna faq me? I wanna faq you! - It's starting like the last one ended. Toni M. is back on falling apart with his 2nd ghetto house, e... more...

12inch Falling Apart: FA008RP € 11,99

21-11-2019 - thursday



Hybrid Rave

Enjoy this PROTO GABBER ELECTRO SCHRANZ record of ma dude Terrorrythmus. 6 tracks full-on dancefloor destroyers. This will be our last record of 2019!... more...

Mini-LP Falling Apart: FA009 remind

16-05-2019 - thursday

Falling Apart - fa006RMX

Falling Apart


4 remixes created by my brothers from the hood. Hector ''vinyl king'' Oaks punishing with his bomb interpretation of fa003 B2. Jonas Kopp follows with... more...

12inch Falling Apart: FA006 € 10,49

24-01-2019 - thursday

Toni Moralez - Nawty Trax EP

Toni Moralez

Nawty Trax EP

Og low mofo toni moralez from the one and only real frankfurt (ffm) shinin' with 6 nasty and groovy cuts on the next falling apart. Toni's tracks givi... more...

12inch Falling Apart: FA005 € 10,49

06-06-2018 - wednesday

Falling Apart - 004
12inch Falling Apart: FA004 € 9,99

02-03-2018 - friday

Falling Apart - 003
12inch Falling Apart: FA003 € 9,75

12-07-2017 - wednesday

Falling Apart - 002

Falling Apart


Mysterious project providing harsh & hard techno

12inch Falling Apart: FA002 € 10,99