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03-05-2019 - friday

Sven Weisemann - Myrdal

Sven Weisemann


5 years after his first RSD release on the label, Berlin´s Sven Weisemann is back on FAUXPAS MUSIK. Garden Of Fantasy is a re-release from the fantast... more...

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08-10-2018 - monday

Desolate - Lunar Glyphs


Lunar Glyphs

Here is the long-awaited third album of Desolate. like a fine wine, after five long years in the Studio it is ripe to be heard. more...

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30-08-2018 - thursday

Rising Sun - Atmosphere EP

Rising Sun

Atmosphere EP

Atmosphere EP is Rising Sun`s fifth release on Fauxpas Musik and we can say quite safely that Steffen Laschinski fueled a few identifiable obsessions... more...

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12-07-2018 - thursday

Sibling & Heavenchord - Lonesome Landscape

Sibling & Heavenchord

Lonesome Landscape

Emotional piece of late night atmosphere dub techno music full of analogue warmth and heart-warming depth.

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas026 remind

28-03-2018 - wednesday

Severnaya - Polar Skies


Polar Skies

Boris Bunnik returns with a new project. Originally hailing from the Island of Terschelling, the most Northern and remote part of the Netherlands he n... more...

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18-10-2016 - tuesday

09-03-2016 - wednesday

08-10-2015 - thursday

17-06-2015 - wednesday

26-11-2014 - wednesday

Khotin - Hello World


Hello World

'Hello World' is the next release of Fauxpas Musik. It is the album of the young Canadian Dylan Khotin-Foote. This summer it was available as a limite... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas015 remind

14-12-2013 - saturday

Rising Sun - Pause ep

Rising Sun

Pause ep

Rising Sun is back with his second EP for FAUXPAS MUSIK. The Pause EP comes as a Vinyl Only Release. Six beautiful & innovative House music delicacies... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas013 remind

04-04-2013 - thursday

Desolate - Actaeon Ep


Actaeon Ep

Deep melancholic electronix on Fauxpas records. Desolate is back from winter sleep - with three new tracks exlusively released on vinyl! The record co... more...

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05-12-2012 - wednesday

Essay - Find You


Find You

Lush atmospheric grooves on the new Fauxpas, with Nocow taking care of tehr emix.

10inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas10 remind

05-09-2012 - wednesday

Axoneme  - Axnm Ep


Axnm Ep

LIMITED TO 333 COPIES! colored green vinyl!!! This new act on Fauxpas Musik grooves in right from the start with a fast, mannered beat crawler. With a... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas09 € 14,99

Nocow - Ruins Tape


Ruins Tape

This masterpiece was produced by St. Petersburg based musician Alexey Nikitin aka Nocow for the siberian label Gimme5. This picture-perfect album with... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas08 remind

Desolate - Celestial Light Beings


Celestial Light Beings

Beautiful ambient and dreamy electronix on Fauxpas musik. No further info on the artist (who has a main project which appears to be wellknown). The p... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: FAUXPASLP002 remind
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Phidias - Latina Ep


Latina Ep

Fauxpas presents its 8th release with the catalogue number 007. It’s a three track EP produced by Phidias. He created three brilliant tracks as a trib... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas07 remind

Rising Sun - Lift Up Your Faces ep (Julius Steinhof rmx)

Rising Sun

Lift Up Your Faces ep (Julius Steinhof rmx)

Fauxpas Musik welcomes Rising Sun (Real Soon, Styrax and Millions Of Moments) who crafted such beautiful gems to be released right on time for the war... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas05 remind

Desolate - The Invisible Insurrection


The Invisible Insurrection

Breathy, atmospheric and yet dynamic electronics on this debut LP by Desolate, celebrating Fauxpas Musiks first anniversary. more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: FAUXPASLP001 remind
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Sevensol & Bender - Scuba (Aera & Oskar Offermann rmx)

Sevensol & Bender

Scuba (Aera & Oskar Offermann rmx)

Beautiful tracks on the sweet Fauxpas label! with remixes from Oskar Offermann (White) and Aera (Aleph Music, Goldwill) taking the track further and a... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas04 remind
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Nick Sole  - Beautiful Day Ep

Nick Sole

Beautiful Day Ep

The third and final part of our coloured vinyl trilogy comes again as a limited edition and handnumbred. This time Nick Ssole (Mojuba) drops three cla... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas03 remind

Mittekill - Zum Spielplatz


Zum Spielplatz

New german label that sold out its first limited release in the same week on our website and we haven't been able to get restocks since then... but we... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas02 remind

Desolate - Heroic Death Ep


Heroic Death Ep

New german label from Hamburg with modern abstract techno and electronix. Desolate’s visonary idea of sound has a tremendous breadth and adroit touch... more...

12inch Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas01 remind