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22-09-2021 - wednesday

UBX127 - Brain Mechanix


Brain Mechanix

BX127 combines outer-space atmospherics with heavy slabs of techno that will shake up any soundsystem.

12inch Figure: FigureX29 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-08-2021 - thursday

02-07-2021 - friday

Kangding Ray - Branches

Kangding Ray


Ever effervescent producer Kangding Ray continues to connect experimentalism and dancefloor, hitting home hard on his newest EP on Figure.

12inch Figure: FigureX28 € 13,99

28-05-2021 - friday

Adiel - Method EP


Method EP

Method is an intricate, moody stepper, harking back to early Burial with its grimey atmosphere and skeletal breakbeats, complete with ghostly vocals a... more...

12inch Figure: FigureX27 remind

09-04-2021 - friday

Arthur Robert - Transition Part 2
12inch Figure: FigureX26 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-03-2021 - monday

Wata Igarashi - New Dawn EP

Wata Igarashi

New Dawn EP

Japanese techno exporter Wata Igarashi with his signature psychedelic grooves.

12inch Figure: FigureX24 € 13,99

03-02-2021 - wednesday

26-06-2020 - friday

Exos - Indigo



Indigo is Icelandic artist’s Exos fourth studio album, arriving almost two full decades after his last LP. more...

3x12inch Figure: FigureLP05 remind

21-02-2020 - friday

18-10-2019 - friday

03-05-2019 - friday

Mathew Jonson / Jens Zimmermann - Lf Rmx 015 (len Faki Mixes)

Mathew Jonson / Jens Zimmermann

Lf Rmx 015 (len Faki Mixes)

Len Faki strikes back with his recent update on two timeworn classics, inhaling them with new life. First up is one of Matthew Jonson‘s finest deep sp... more...

12inch Figure: LFRMX015 remind

23-01-2019 - wednesday

Exos - Alien Eyes


Alien Eyes

Already an established artist since his early minimal and dubbed-out techno productions around the beginning of the millenium, recently re-emerged Exo... more...

12inch Figure: FigureX03 remind

16-06-2018 - saturday

Juxta Position - Elixir

Juxta Position


Highly infectious, acid-festered analogue techno runs.

12inch Figure: Figure096 remind

24-05-2018 - thursday

Roman Poncet - Gypsophila

Roman Poncet


Roman Poncet delivers an impressively mature debut album, ripe with personal creative realization. On Gypsophila the French producer uses the extended... more...

3LP Figure: FigureLP02 remind

26-04-2018 - thursday

15-03-2018 - thursday

02-03-2018 - friday

Albert Van Abbe X Sp -x - Figure Jams 004

Albert Van Abbe X Sp -x

Figure Jams 004

Figure Jams enters the next round, setting up a pairing between two hardware-loving, no-frills techno-purists. Both artists build on vibrant, machine-... more...

12inch Figure: Figurejams004 remind

Nocow - Zemlya



Zemlya (earth), the final installment of Nocow‘s three-part EP-series for Figure unearths the artist‘s maybe most drastic work to date. While opener L... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.3 remind

Nocow - Voda



Voda (water) the second part of his trilogy sees Aleksei Nikitin delving deep into Baltic seas. coming up again with chilled flows of acid on Vdaleke,... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.2 remind

Nocow - Vozduh



Vozduh (air) marks the first in a series of EPs by Nocow for Figure, showcasing his emerging signature-style of Electronica-tinged techno. Drawing ins... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.1 remind

02-02-2018 - friday

15-12-2017 - friday

Jeroen Search - Endless Circles

Jeroen Search

Endless Circles

After solemnly closing out the SPC-series in 2016, Jeroen Search hands in his second EP of the year for Figure. Carrying his signature style, these tu... more...

12inch Figure: Figure092 remind

23-11-2017 - thursday

Ubx127 - Void Ep


Void Ep

Swedish artist UBX127 is back on Figure with what might just be his most accomplished release to date. Spanning an arc cross four diverse tracks, the... more...

12inch Figure: Figure091 remind

Aleksi Perala - Lf Rmx 004 Len Faki Remixes

Aleksi Perala

Lf Rmx 004 Len Faki Remixes

On the latest installment of his remix series, Len Faki tackles two compositions from Aleksi Perälä, both of which feature the Finnish artist’s renown... more...

12inch Figure: LFRMX004 remind

02-10-2017 - monday

Twr72 X Nocow - Figure Jams 003

Twr72 X Nocow

Figure Jams 003

igure Jams is back with a another fresh and exciting pairing of artists. This time the record is a collection of pure analogue goodness, sparkling rip... more...

12inch Figure: Figurejams003 remind

03-08-2017 - thursday

Abstract Division X Patrik Skoog - Figure Jams 002

Abstract Division X Patrik Skoog

Figure Jams 002

Seasoned Swedish sound sculptor Patrik Skoog alongside Abstract Division, a collaborative project of Paul Boex and Dave Miller, two equally experience... more...

12inch Figure: Figurejams002 remind

21-06-2017 - wednesday

17-05-2017 - wednesday

21-04-2017 - friday

Viers - A Thought From The Machine (Sigha Remix)


A Thought From The Machine (Sigha Remix)

A year after his extremely versatile debut EP for Figure, Viers comes out with another batch of tunes that again set him apart from his peers both in... more...

12inch Figure: Figure085 € 11,99

06-04-2017 - thursday

Jeroen Search - Time Signature EP
12inch Figure: Figure084 remind

12-01-2017 - thursday

03-12-2016 - saturday

Regal - From Other Sounds (Radio Slave Remix)


From Other Sounds (Radio Slave Remix)

One of Madrid’s hottest techno-exports, Regal, is back on Figure with a special EP comprising both new works from him plus two creative re-interpretat... more...

12inch Figure: Figure082 remind

04-11-2016 - friday

Lewis Fautzi - Elocution

Lewis Fautzi


Despite his young age, Lewis Fautzi has already amassed a notable body of work, including two fully fledged albums that lean on the more ambient and e... more...

12inch Figure: Figure081 remind

03-08-2016 - wednesday

Setaoc Mass - Cipher

Setaoc Mass


Highly diversified techno deep space explorations. more...

12inch Figure: Figure078 remind

07-07-2016 - thursday

Jeroen Search - Spc Z

Jeroen Search

Spc Z

All nine tracks we're composed as a live take, with elements being reduced to the utmost minimum but always carrying the kinetic energy onto the next... more...

2LP Figure: FigureSPCZ remind

09-06-2016 - thursday

Roman Poncet - Marguerite
12inch Figure: Figure075 remind

02-05-2016 - monday

18-03-2016 - friday

UBX127 - Figure Spc Y


Figure Spc Y

Strong early Jeff Mills vibes on this UBX127 4 track ep on Figure. Proper minimalized techno tracks. Recommended!

12inch Figure: FigureSPCY remind

12-02-2016 - friday

08-01-2016 - friday

Cleric - The Key Of The Night
12inch Figure: Figure072 remind

Rod - Figure SPC X


Figure SPC X

Minimalist techno tracks by Rod Malmok from Rotterdam.

12inch Figure: FigureSPCX remind

04-12-2015 - friday

09-10-2015 - friday

28-08-2015 - friday

Philippe Petit - Mist

Philippe Petit


Traditional futuristic spaced out trippy techno tracks by this Belgium producer. Good stuff!

12inch Figure: FigureSPCW remind

03-07-2015 - friday

Lewis Fautzi - Galactic Signal Ep
12inch Figure: Figure068 remind

16-03-2015 - monday

13-03-2015 - friday

Regal - Monomyth
12inch Figure: Fig063 remind

26-01-2015 - monday

Len Faki - Dj Edits Vol.IV

Len Faki

Dj Edits Vol.IV

Featuring three more raw versions based on original tracks from 2000 & One, French Fries and Rodhad, DJ Edits Volume 4 endorsed and club-tested by Len... more...

12inch Figure: Figure062 remind