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19-10-2015 - monday

ArsenII - Allegria



Both sides on this 12 are filled with Jazz-Funk and library infused disco at its best. 'Allegria' sounds like Bob James is jamming with The Headhu... more...

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19-05-2015 - tuesday

Tommy Rawson - Peculiar / The Kids

Tommy Rawson

Peculiar / The Kids

The ever-so mysterious producer Tommy Rawson digs deep into the crates and comes up with two quality reworks for Gold Fingers. Combining warm a... more...

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30-03-2015 - monday

Lay-Far - Secret Weapons 2


Secret Weapons 2

Covering a vast variation of styles ranging from Disco (Groove), soul-fusion (Bolinas), jazz-funk (Bouncy Lady) and dub (South African Crossfire).

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15-05-2014 - thursday

Dj Reverend - Finger Edits

Dj Reverend

Finger Edits

Sweet! Following on his last years Fingers release Reverend is back for another home run on Basic Fingers. The A-side 'Angels In Africa' is a deep an... more...

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ZLK - Noxgenus ep


Noxgenus ep

Raw dark electro tracks from holland with a stunning Keith Tucker remix..

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Recyver Dogs - Jack

Recyver Dogs


A 2004 release, hard hittin' Chicago / Detroit techno with mixes by Scan 7 & Dave Tarrida.

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