Label: Forbidden Planet - All

Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'

Breaker 1 2


Beautiful deep introvert techno.

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP002 remind

Mono Junk  - Shotokai (stereo)

Mono Junk

Shotokai (stereo)

Exciting trippy and fresh techno and electro tracks by Mono Junk. Especially the ultra cool ''With You'' is worth mentioning!

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP004 remind

The Mover - Waves of Life

The Mover

Waves of Life

First ever reissue on Forbidden Planet features four tracks by the Mover, arguably one of the most influential yet underrated artists of the late 80s,... more...

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP007 remind

Unprofessional - Untitled



Unprofessional’s debut featuring four unrelenting tracks that echo the golden years of Italy’s, everything goes, rave heyday.

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP014 remind

Fifth Era - Selected Works 1997 - 2004 Part 1

Fifth Era

Selected Works 1997 - 2004 Part 1

After their first reissue of The Mover in 2014, Forbidden Planet is back with two-part reissue of seminal material from the late 90s to early 00s by D... more...

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP015 remind