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14-07-2021 - wednesday

Hugo Leanzo Moolenaar - The Mocko Jumbie EP

Hugo Leanzo Moolenaar

The Mocko Jumbie EP

Compilation of the best tracks of Mocko Jumbie's only two albums, infectious blend between funk/soul/soca, has a disco tinged feel on 'Children Childr... more...

LP Frederiksberg Records: FRB010 remind

04-02-2021 - thursday

Barney Rachabane - Roots

Barney Rachabane


Roots – A rare window on the progressive South African Jazz scene of 1975 - reissued. Frederiksberg Records is proud to announce the first ever rei... more...

LP Frederiksberg Records: FRB009 remind

13-11-2018 - tuesday

Suzanne Menzel - Goodbyes And Beginnings

Suzanne Menzel

Goodbyes And Beginnings

This sought-after rarity presents a blend of ambient, new-age, 60’s inspired folk music. The melancholic lyrics of singer-songwriter Suzanne Menzel ar... more...

LP Frederiksberg Records: FRB005 remind

Admas - Sons Of Ethiopia


Sons Of Ethiopia

Sons of Ethiopia is a fascinating piece of the Ethiopian musical puzzle. Emerging from the community of Ethiopian exiles who had been scattered to the... more...

LP Frederiksberg Records: FRB007 remind