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05-07-2018 - thursday

Dasha Rush - Acid Sketch

Dasha Rush

Acid Sketch

Brand new release from Dash Rush – Acid Sketch!! After her last release on Sonic Groove – Aint No God Nor King Ep in 2017, Acid Sketch will be her... more...

12inch Full Panda: FP025 remind

14-11-2017 - tuesday

Pulse One - Love Through The Music
12inch Full Panda: FP024 € 10,99

30-01-2017 - monday

Lars Hemmerling - Space Bolero

Lars Hemmerling

Space Bolero

Spaced out acidic techno in the Donato Dozzy / Mike Parker vein.

12inch Full Panda: FP023 € 10,19

15-09-2015 - tuesday

Pulse One - Illusive Reality

Pulse One

Illusive Reality

State side Influenced techno from Argentinian Pulse One. Check that 4th track if you're into E.R.P. styled electro!

12inch Full Panda: FP022 remind

05-09-2013 - thursday

Dasha Rush - Interception of Arts

Dasha Rush

Interception of Arts

Triple track Ep with some serious banging and trippy techno. Opening with a bombastic frantic banger, followed by a Mils inspired minimal and funky te... more...

12inch Full Panda: FP020 remind

06-09-2012 - thursday

Yuka & Stanislav Tolkachev - Little Chemistry

Yuka & Stanislav Tolkachev

Little Chemistry

Excellent deep trippy techno tracks on Full Panda. Abstract an uncompromising tracks ranging from minimal Sahko aesthetics to more Detroit influenced... more...

12inch Full Panda: FP019 remind

05-09-2011 - monday

Dasha Rush - Approach
12inch Full Panda: FP005 € 9,99

31-03-2011 - thursday

Various Artists - East Wind Steps

Various Artists

East Wind Steps

Andrei Oid , KHZ, Stanislav Tolkachev delivering 3 timeless hypnotic dark stripped techno tracks. Check!

12inch Full Panda: FP017 remind